I knew things were going too well.

Well we got the estimate on the truck... what was supposed to just be replacing the radiator in the old pickup has turned into $750 worth of work.  $450 just for the radiator and they swear it won't run if we don't do the other stuff. It does seriously need a tuneup. The plug wires are a shambles. But I've only got like $200 plus a $300 overdraft which puts us back in the hole I worked so hard to get out of. If we put off paying the electric bill, we might be able to come up with enough to do all the work... but then what?  I cringe every time I hear a truck drive by, hoping it's not the guy coming to turn it off...  all just so we can make it to the grocery store across town that's cheaper to shop at, or haul the dryer down to the repair guy and pay more to get it fixed...

Yeah, so that's not going to work. So, it's time to sit and talk with the hubby about what we're going to do.  I can't get a hold of Corina to see if we can borrow her car to at least get to the grocery store. I guess, we'll have to see if the van will make it to the next-to-cheapest grocery store on this side of town and just deal with not going anywhere for another two weeks. Oh but we have some bills that have to be paid today, and they're on the bypass which means tons of traffic, and the van won't switch into 3rd gear.

Anyway, I just had to vent about it and get this off my chest. Hope y'all are having a better day.


***EDIT*** : Well, we're back. The van held out and we mapped it out so we were on the bypass in heavy traffic very little. Got the bills paid and groceries bought.  Stuff I usually get for about $80 at the cheap store came to about $130 at this one, but they had some great organizing bins I have been needing and were way cheaper than anywhere I'd seen them and were the perfect size. The pantry is mostly full, but I had to cut back on some things I'd normally get. I forgot to get cereal (I usually get it when I see it at the cheap store so didn't even think to put it on the list I guess.) The deep freezer is pretty packed, and needs to be totally reorganized.  It's not easy to organize a big square hole though.  I wish I had one of those freezer baskets like Mom's deep freezer had. I'll figure something out. I did get two baskets for the fridge freezer.  One for rolls of ground turkey and one for bags of frozen veggies. I'll take pics of both freezers when I finish cleaning and organizing the deep freezer.

Well, not sure what we're going to do about the truck, but for now we're set for another two weeks and the van will probably get Christopher to work and back.

We put another bottle of transmission fluid in it and it *almost* switched into 3rd gear and actually got above 30 mph once!  LOL  Counting our blessings.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about that Patty.
    I hope things get better for you.

  2. Thanks Jane. Things could be a whole lot worse, so while I'm worried about the truck, we're still blessed to have what we have.

  3. I hope it holds out enough so that you can buy some time while figuring out what to do.

  4. Sorry you're going through a rough time. Hope things brighten up for you.

  5. Are you friends with any of your neighbors? Could you ride along with them the next time they go to the store? They might like the company.( Or offer to give them gas money?) Do you like Dave Ramsey? Maybe you could call his show and ask him what to do.

    Praying that things get better for you soon.


  6. No shame in venting.. besides I would rather read about your vents instead of seeing you on the news..lol..

  7. Thanks everyone! Hubby said the van drove better today (YAY!) and his step dad might be able to come look at it and even maybe let us borrow an extra car he has if he can get it fixed with whatever's wrong with it. But he's out in west Tennessee and won't drive back here til the weather looks better. So, as long as we don't *have* to make a trip farther than a couple miles, we should be OK I guess. Also hoping the garage doesn't charge us to keep the truck there til we can afford it. Jeannie I totally agree LOL! Ladybugs, I have Dave's book and we're doing a modified version of his ideas to get out of debt.


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