I Mean It This Time!

Well, I hope I do anyway.  I mean .. I do mean it... but will I be able to make it happen is another question entirely...

Ok, so here's the thing. As most of you know (I assume anyway), I work from home online, and work a set shift 6:45pm til 3:15am Sun-Thu. I don't really have a "home office".  I have a desk. And a desk chair. I used to have a laptop, but it wasn't really portable, as the cord had to be duct-taped on to keep it from detaching from the power supply that was broken...  so I got a new desk top computer.  The issue has been... WHERE the desk is.  First it was in my bedroom, and I was so excited when I first saw this house when we were house hunting, because the window was the perfect place for my desk.  Then my eye Dr told me no more.  I had to work in a room with light while I worked.  Bye bye bedroom.  Hubby had to sleep afterall.  So, I moved to the kitchen. Unfortunately, the TV was within sight and I was constantly pestered by the kids while I was working.  So, I moved the desk to the laundry room where it fits perfectly in an alcove.  This worked well, til I suddenly felt disconnected from my family and moved to the living room when we rearranged furniture.  This worked well for a while, til I realized my work was suffering.  I was just too distracted. Did I mention I'm ADD big time?  So, BACK to the laundry room I went.  And that's where the desk is now.

But, I've been saying I'm going to move it to the smallest bedroom which is currently used by my 8yr old daughter.  But she'd stay there. I'd just work quietly at night while she slept and I could make sure she went to bed on time etc...  well the more I think about it, the more I realize I'm crazy. There is no way that would work.

BUT!  TONIGHT! I have been INSPIRED!!  
Lori at Real Life and Reverie posted today about her closet. She titled the post, "My OWN space!!", and it clicked with me.  I read and saw the great pics of how she has organized her closet that she doesn't have to share with anyone and has made it her own space.  Then I realized,... I HAVE A CLOSET!  Yeah, I know, big surprise, but it's a walk in closet, and may even be a bit bigger than the alcove in the laundry room. 

I even just recently cleaned it!

The hanging bars are in an L shape on 2 walls.  Hubby has one side and I have the other. There's no way for us both to have our clothes in there and still have my desk in there. So, I got up my courage and asked hubby if he'd be ok with the plan if I got him a really nice wardrobe and we figured out where to put it in the bedroom. It would even make it easier for him to get ready, since his clothes would be more readily accessible (rather than going to the closet and turning on the light to find anything.) And guess what?!  He said OK!  So, it'll truly be MY SPACE!  If it all goes well, I'll be able to finally STAY in the closet.  Well. Until a couple of the kids have moved out and I can get the smallest bedroom for my own.  But I get the feeling I won't get it til the 3rd kid has flown the coop, which will be a while, since she' only in 7th grade now.  Haha.  Oh well. 

I hate taking something away from my husband, so I have to make sure his new wardrobe is awesome and he really enjoys using it, and I must keep it stocked with neat clean pressed clothes. (Well... mostly unwrinkled anyway).

Can't wait to move forward on this, cause it also means my laundry room becomes just a laundry room again! Yay! 

Let's see how long this plan stays around hehe!


  1. That sounds great!
    We have a small house and finding places to homeschool, run a daycare, etc. becomes a challenge! You learn to make things work!
    We have turned a closet into a workarea before and it worked quite well.

    Crazy Online Homeschooling Mom of 2, Daycare Mom of 4, Chicken Mom of 15, 1 Puppy, 1 Psycho Cat and possibly a Partridge in our pear tree!


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