Jumping right into Week 2 of the Valentines Challenge

Week 2 of the Valentines Marriage Challenge to show our husbands how much we adore them started on the 26th, so I'm just a couple days late on it.

From Courtney at Women Living Well blog:
"Week 2 January 26th - This week we will be a little more creative with our praise. I will give you many ideas of fun things you can do to praise your husband such as surprising him with a love message on the mirror, a message packed in his lunch, using sidewalk chalk to write on the driveway, write a poem, making a toast to him at dinner with friends etc. Get creative with your selflessness!"

 Well, I started this morning with an "I <3 You" note in his lunch bag between his salad and his spaghetti leftovers. hehe  He LOVES mushy stuff like that, and I just don't do it often enough.

I love this pic of him LOL

I've got some ideas cooking for the rest of this week's surprises, but I'll wait to blog about them in case he drops by here. ;)

Are you doing the challenge? It's really fun and next week things get really hot! haha!

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