Medicine Cabinet Challenge #13- 21 Days to Get Organized

I'm doing one of the challenges on time! Yippee! Hopefully I can get caught up on the other ones and then do them daily along with every one else.

So here's my before shot of our medicine cabinet.  Not horrible, but could be a lot better.

I took everything out, wiped down the shelves and washed them off. Threw out expired stuff and reorganized it so like things were together, sort of. I realized we need more bandaids, which I had put on my shopping list.

His side is kind of sparse.

My side has a lot more stuff, and I decided to just keep the vitamins all on my side since I'm usually the only one who takes them. I have a ton more stuff, but it's kept in a basket on the vanity counter. I should re-do it too, but it can wait.

And then the middle section.

Yay another challenge done!  Are you doing them too? If not, jump in!  It's actually fun and it's fun to see others and compare them to your own. I've gotten lots of great ideas already! And the bonus is your house gets organized.  I'm loving it when I open my linen cabinet or pantry, and it's so nice to be able to put away our folded clothes easily. I've even started really cleaning other parts of the house too.

I'm really dreading the freezer challenge.  It's just nasty... they both are.  Ewwww.