Meds Storage - Challenge #15 - 21 Days to get Organized

I'm thankful for this challenge because it made me rethink the way Christopher's prescriptions are stored. Up til now they were just in a mess on top of the linen cabinet in our bedroom. I know he needs to see them to remember to take them, but they are kind of an eyesore. (Lord knows we have plenty other eyesores, but I'm doing this a step at  a time). 

Today I had to run an errand and had my oldest daughter come over and drive me to the bank and then we went to Dollar Tree. I was in container heaven! I got tons of things for other projects, and had picked out a small basket for the prescription bottles, but I wasn't really happy with it, then Corina pointed out a collapsible cloth covered container with compartments in it. Perfect!  And it even came in blue and brown which matches the bedroom! And it was just a dollar.

His morning ones are in the front and the evening ones in the back row. One he takes twice and happens to have two bottles of it, so it worked out great.

So, here's how it looks on the cabinet. Christopher says he liked it fine and thinks he'll still remember to take his meds as it's habit after 3 years on them now.