My Dresser - 21 Days to Get Organized Challenge #6

This was an easy one, but I've been so busy with running errands and just *stuff* that I've not had time to really do more than this one, and I'm going to fall behind again :( . Maybe tonight or tomorrow I can get 7 and 8 done.  9 will have to be tomorrow when my kids are awake. (It's TOYS  Eeek!)

So, here's today's challenge.

My BEFORE pic... I hadn't realized how dusty the dresser and the TV had gotten.

Hubby had some ties in his sock and underwear drawer for some reason.  They're now hanging up.  I put his CPAP papers and extra mask in the bag they came with and put it in the back of the drawer.  he likes it there so he knows where they are. 
He does own more socks and underwear heh, but I've not gotten laundry done yet.  This drawer will be stuffed soon.  I'd rather have too many in case the washer or dryer break than to have him run out.

I have always had a problem getting all his white tshirts to fit in here, so I am trying the rolled method. We'll see how it goes when the rest are added.

I culled several T Shirts from my drawer, but he didn't want to part with any of his.  Thankfully they all fit in here.  They're about all clean so this won't have anymore added I don't think.

I have two drawers at the bottom of the dresser. One is for undies and slips, socks, PJs and night gowns.  The other is for my t shirts.  I finally got rid of a bunch of nighties I haven't been able to even put on for years. I had them in storage forever, then they made it back into my drawer.  Today I finally tossed them. Now there's just my fave comfy nightshirts, underthings, slips and tights/pantyhose and a couple pairs of socks. If I buy socks for me, my kids steal them, so I have 2 pairs now.

I did toss a bunch of t shirts that were too tight or had a hole forming etc. My sweat pants are here too.

And that's it. Pretty painless, but I did still toss some stuff so I'm happy.  Oh and I used up a bottle of cleaner that just had a little bit left in it and cleaned the top and surface of the dresser and the TV. Looks so much better and shiny now!

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