My Junk Drawer! 21 Days to Getting Organized!

Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons started a great new challenge last week I am jumping into a little late.

It's the 21 Days to Getting Organized Challenge, and Challenge #1 was to pick a junk drawer, take a Before pic of it, then dump it out into a box, wash out the inside of the drawer (with a wet cloth), then go through the stuff and toss or find homes for stuff and organize whatever went back in the drawer and take an After pic.  She says it's an easy start, and I do admit this one was easy because it's a small drawer. Others doing the challenge seemed to have huge drawers.... hmm actually my desk drawer is rather large and it's FULL of stuff.  I may have to end up doing it when the other 21 challenges are done.

So, here's my before pic:

It was hard to get a shot of this in this light. It seems to always be dark when I'm taking pics.  There's recipes, empty packages, a bunch of very sharp thumb tacks, and just a bunch of junk.

After dumping it and washing it out, I got to sorting. Most of the stuff did have another home, but it just got stuffed in the drawer instead of someone putting it away where it belonged. I knew I didn't want the pens and markers and all that just in there loose, so I got a box a gift had come in at Christmas and used the bottom and the lid both as containers. Hopefully they'll help keep any new stuff that gets put in there organized.

So, here's the After pic!

I wish I had pretty contact paper to put in the bottom of it and the other drawers in the kitchen.  I'll look for some this weekend.

So, there's Challenge Number 1!!

I really want to stick to this too, it could REALLY help me get this house back in order and a lot easier to maintain.  I have been following Flylady for years and have been flying a few times, but mostly fluttering... and I know that a room should never be more than 15 minutes from clean. Or a whole house really.  My house would be lucky to be an hour from clean, or even 2. I hate that feeling too.  So, these challenges should really help get it to where it needs to be.

To see more bloggers who's done this challenge and others (there are 8 up as of this posting), head over to A Bowl Full of Lemons!