My Linen Closet - 21 Days to Get Organized Challenge #4

I am serious about getting caught up on this, and it's getting me organized and my house clean yay!

So this is Challenge #4 in the 21 Days to Get Organized Challenge by Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons.

The challenge was to take a photo of my linen closet, then clean it out completely, then only put back what is needed and do it neatly and organized.

I didn't think I really would need to do a lot, but when I opened the door, I realized it really is worse than it looks at a glance.

It used to be the wardrobe we used in the girls' room when Zoe was little. When we moved to this house, it fit right into our blue bedroom, so I just keep all the bed linens in it.  Towels are kept in the two bathrooms on shelves, and table linens stay in my buffet.

Anyway, it's not terrible, but not organized either.  So I took everything out...

I didn't have time to really wash it down since I was doing this on my lunch break during work, but the shelves are clean just a little scratched up from the kids.  I do need to wash that chalkboard though heh. I'll go back after work and wipe the whole thing down with a disinfectant really well. No use doing this challenge if I don't clean as I go.

I didn't think to get a shot of all the stuff I took out. There was a big old pile.  I matched up sheet sets and put back 2 sets for each twin bed in two stacks on the bottom shelf. Then the full and queen bed sheets are on the middle shelf (the other extra sets are in the laundry). The big space on the top shelf is for blankets and quilts, and I put shams that match the quilts and a couple extra pillow cases in the drawers at the bottom.

I did end up culling quite a bit.  Knowing I only wanted to put back 2 sets max for each bed made me really look at the sets and decide on the ones in the best shape and that I actually liked. There's still a set in the laundry, so I'll have to decide once more which ones to get rid of, but it feels really good letting this stuff go. All the extra stuff is in a giveaway bag right now.

So here's the After:

There's a couple more quilts in the laundry, but they'll fit in there fine. So glad to have 4 challenges done! Really dreading the under-the-kitchen-sink... *shudders*.

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