Not even time to clean my fridge

Today's challenge at A Bowl Full of Lemons is cleaning and reorganizing the refrigerator. I knew this one would be coming.  No, I've not done it yet. Sorry no before and after pics yet. I'm not sure when I'm going to get a chance to do it either. I didn't get to sleep til after 8am... well I tried, but Zoe missed the bus though she didn't come back and tell me til 8am and the bus runs at 7:30 and she told some story about playing hide and seek and no one telling her the bus came.  Now I admit my kid's not the brightest crayon in the box, but come on! I think she was hiding on purpose and didn't want to go to school. No idea why. She was out sick yesterday (but is fine now) so that's 2 days she's missed.  Anyway, so I had to deal with that drama this morning.  Then she kept waking me up asking things all day and the phone kept ringing... and I just feel like I didn't get any sleep by the time I finally had to get up at 5pm.

Whine Whine Whine heh I do it well, but that's what this blog is for.  I can whine and rant here and get it out of my system.

Tomorrow morning (Thursday) I'm going to have to try to go get sleep right after work which I hate.  I prefer to have an hour or so of sweet peaceful quiet downtime when everyone is asleep. But I've got to try to find some sleep time somewhere because I have to take Hubby to work, and I guess I'll hang out at KMart for an hour and try not to spend a ton of money I shouldn't spend... and then go to the bank at 9am and get a paper notarized so Rhiannon can go on a last-minute-trip to Chattanooga with her Rural Resources group to an Agriculture Conference. She found out yesterday she was an alternate and now gets to go, so we got all the paperwork today and of course something needs to be notarized first. They couldn't have given this stuff to use when she was chosen as an alternate? UGH! So, if I'm lucky I'll get right to sleep after work, by 3:30am, then back up at 7:20 to get dressed quickly and take Christopher to work and probably eat breakfast at the K Cafe while trying to wake up.  Then to the bank if the van will even make it up the hill.  The freaking bank towers over the town like the house in Edward Scissorhands. Then, as a reward for having to be awake at such an ungodly hour, I am going to BigLots (at the bottom of the hill yay!) and am going to look for those cute containers and baskets everyone else doing this Challenge seems to have. Then back home and either try to get more sleep or just clean my fridge right then as well as tackling the  under-bathroom-sinks and Chris' meds... and just take a nap later after I go pick Christopher up from work... oh that would only give me another hour. Eh, I'll sleep sometime in there.. but I've got to make sure I'm awake to go get him at 5.

Oh, and Rhiannon will be picked up by the Rural Resources leader sometime after school, but she can handle that herself.  She got unlimited phone service so she can update me on what's going on.

And sometime after I get Christopher from work, we have to make dinner and I have to go to work and he needs to run to the laundromat and do 3-5 loads of clothes in the dryers - maybe he'll fold and hang them for me too...  heh I can dream. 

Just hate when stuff gets so totally out of control and there's next to nothing I can do about it.  The feeling of helplessness sucks, but I try to roll with the punches.  My fridge will just be icky nasty a few more days...

OH!  There is good news!!  I got to snooping around pages on my employer's webpay site to see where they might post W2s when they get them up and there it was!!  I sent a message to my admin lead to let him know and then I proceeded to efile our taxes right then. So by 4am our taxes were on their way to the IRS and a direct deposit is estimated to arrive in about 10 days (on the 28th) if there is no problem.  There shouldn't be a problem.  Our tax forms are boring.  AND it's $600 more than I originally thought because for some reason his W2 had a lower wages listed than his paycheck stub.  Maybe it's due to medical insurance, or bonus? Dunno, but it allowed for a bigger refund so YAY!  In fact it's just enough to get a new dryer (or get this one fixed) and get the truck fixed (Chris finally called and they're fine with fixing it completely and hanging onto it til we get paid next with no storage fees or anything), and still have the money to buy a used van, (found one on Craigslist I hope is still there in a week or so!) and pay off a ton of medical bills, woohoo!  It will be SO good to mark those as paid in full!

So, that's what's going on here today, just a little whining and complaining and not sleeping.  But there is a bright light on the horizon.  Just got to make it there.