Oh Just Forget It

My desk is just going to stay put! HRMPH!

I wanted to move it to my walk in closet so I've have my laundry room back, but apparently my memory was bigger than reality.  The desk and chair would barely fit in there and I'd probably have clothes hitting me in the head, but I was still going to try it... then I realized the wardrobe which is actually made for a kids' room, has a shelf that can't be removed without jeopardizing the structure of the whole thing, and with it left in place Hubby's clothes will end up squished and wrinkled, which is not good since he's a manager.  So, Hubby and I agreed, it was a sign.  It's just not meant to be.

So, I'm just going to straighten up my desk, re-organize all the paper work, clean out my filing cabinet, and look for cabinets or shelving to put up over the washer and dryer. Now that I know my desk is here to stay, it's time to really make the best of it. I think I'm kind of relieved.  No more worrying about moving my desk. Check.

Now if the rest of the stuff I worry about were that easy. hah!

I need an easy button.


  1. Bless your heart. I wish I could have won that lottery and I would build you the most awesome office. I know this sounds crazy, but is there anywhere else to move the washer and dryer and make that whole room your office. W/D are really simple to hook up in almost any setting. I am wanting mine moved down stairs to the basement and I am wanting the laundry room in my house to be a coat room. We live on a farm and winter coats seem to take us over every year. I like how the Duggers (19 kids and counting TV show) made there whole laundry room one giant closet and it really is a nice idea. You only have to hang and put clothes away only once. If I ever build a house I swear I am desiging my laundry room like theirs. Hope you get it figured out soon and hope you can find a way that you are really happy with.

  2. Thanks Chanda! I LOVE the idea of having the closet right in the laundry room. Our laundry room is right next to our bedroom, in fact it's right there when you open the door. Hmmmm... Ok, now you've got me thinking... Haha! Thanks!


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