Organizing Mail - Challenge #17 - 21 Days to Get Organized

Ok, this challenge was an easy one cause I've already done it! Yay Me!

Toni's post today shows her Mobile Command Center which she posted about last month and I copied.

Here's a pic of what my desk did look like before I got organized:
Yeah... it was bad, and it looked like that all the time no matter where my desk sat.  But since I created the Mobile Command Center (though mine's not very mobile as it sits on my desk), I've not had a single piece of paper pile up on my desk. It's inspired me to keep other non-paper things off it too!  Everyone in the house knows if mail comes in the door it goes straight to my office.  They can just lay it on my desk and as soon as I get to my desk, I can put it all where it goes. The trash can is under my desk for File 13. :)

Here's my Command Center:

Each kid still at home has a folder so it's so easy now to file things as they come home from school or they draw me a picture. Stuff they want to find later can be put there too, like my 14 yr old keeps bank info for her savings account in hers so she always knows where it is.

I love the "To Be Filed" folder.  I have a separate coupon folder and have since added a Receipts folder for all those little pieces of papers that never had a home.  Now they do! The Sign and Return folder hasn't seen any use yet, but it's going to be great for not losing permission forms that need money sent back with them and we don't have it on hand yet.

The Bills To Pay folder is awesome and it's kept for new bills. The old debt we're slogging our way through is currently kept in a separate smaller basket next to it. Soon that stack will be MUCH smaller!

I took the basket I had bought last year specifically to try to organize papers. It was too wide to hold hanging folders, so I cut off a wire hanger and made supports for the folders on each side and wrapped the ends down so they don't poke or cut anyone if it needs to be moved. It's easy to move too since it has handles.

So, the stuff that goes into the To Be Filed folder ends up down here, under the desk:
This has all been reorganized and I use it all the time for receipts from paying the car payment, appliance rental payments, money order receipts for house payments etc. All that stuff used to end up on my desk too.

So now, my desk looks like this!
And it has for almost 2 weeks straight! (plus the occasional chips and can of Diet Coke) .

I really encourage you to make one of these centers if you have issues with paper clutter. Did wonders for me,  thanks again for the idea Toni!


  1. You've done a fab job, great work!

  2. That is fantastic! Great job!

  3. NIIIIICCCCCEEEE! Everything looks great. I love the baskets too! Cute!
    Hey, thanks for all the nice comments you have been leaving me...they make my day:)

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}

  4. Wow! I love the hanging file basket you made. What a great idea! Good job cleaning up that huge mess and keeping it clean and organized. You have inspired me!

  5. Thanks everyone! <3 comments! :) This was my fave challenge.

  6. OH GREAT, and it does not take up hardly any space,

  7. Your basket change was a great idea! I was just thinking that I would have to go buy a hanging file box, but after I saw your basket and your creative way of fixing it, I'm sure I can find something I already have to make work.


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