Organizing My Tupperware - 21 Days to Get Organized Challenge #3

Challenge #3 at A Bowl Full of Lemons is to clean out and reorganize the Tupperware cabinet.

Thankfully, I had actually done this already not too long ago.  I had gotten SO sick of the kids unloading the dishwasher and just throwing things in the cupboards and having things fall out on me when I opened them later. Besides, I just don't have cabinet space to store Tupperware in them. I need that cabinet space for mixing bowls.

So, what I did was take a big plastic bin I wasn't currently using for anything else really and washed it out really well.  Then cleared off the top of my fridge which was a bonus! Then I went through all the containers and got rid of lids I knew I'd lost the container to, and then matched things up, put lids on containers, and stacked them inside the bin neatly. I knew the kids would never put things in it neatly, so I told them I was perfectly fine with them just tossing containers and lids straight from the dishwasher into the bin on top of the fridge. It's a deep bin so you can't see if it's full of cluttered mismatched containers and lids. It has worked wonderfully!

So, today, I took down the bin and took everything out of it, washed it out again and sorted through everything. I got rid of a few things. Most of my good containers are actually already being used in the fridge or freezer. As you can see, I re-use just about all the plastic containers from things we finish off like dip, margarine, guacamole, etc. I really need another set of good ones. I love finding real Tupperware brand ones at thrift stores for cheap :) .

So, now everything is all organized with lids. I save jars like the salsa one for freezing chicken broth or soup etc. Glass jars freeze well as long as they don't get knocked around and break. I just stick them in the bottom of the deep freezer.

So, this was an easy challenge, but it's good to have it all organized again. I kind of dread the upcoming ones... especially under the kitchen sink.  It REALLY needs to be done, but I'm not looking forward to it. Thanks to Toni for kind of making me do it! haha

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