Spice Drawer - Challenge #12 Skipping Around!

Yes you read right, this is Challenge #12.

I've done Challenge 1-7 so far, but it will take some time to get #8 done (Coat Closet).... here's why

This disaster is due to 4 main reasons:
1. It's winter time which means tons of coats, scarves, hats, gloves, boots etc.
2. Corina moved out and we changed girls' rooms around - with stuff getting left in the hallway
3. Our truck broke down just as I had boxed up a TON of stuff to go to storage - which is now stacked in the hallway awaiting the truck to get fixed.
4. My family are lazy slobs :P  Seriously my kids walk by this several times a day to get to their rooms and the bathroom.  They never stop to pick something up, and don't even bother telling them to put something where it goes to start with.  The only reason a coat is even ON a hook is because I put it there.
If you've been a reader long you may remember this pic...
That was before school started... I don't know if it'll ever look that sparse again. Maybe next July. Anyway, I really have my work cut out for me on that challenge.

SO!  Instead I decided to get another challenge out of the way. :)

I've run the gamut with spice containers and organization.  What I've decided works best for me and my family is a spice drawer. I used to use one next to the stove, but it was small and some things got hidden in the back or under something else. This drawer is huge and they tend to just roll around:
Besides these past couple weeks I ran out of tons of stuff and haven't restocked.  I need to get two of some things to make sure I never run out. I didn't have many cute little shallow baskets to use to organize this space, but I did have one of my jadeite Tupperware containers which I seem to collect and it was the perfect size for the little tiny jars.

After straightening things up, I still had a big space I knew they'd roll around in again, so I put the tea towels I've collected on my travels  there. I LOVE tea towels and use them in baking like Mom did.  They're great for covering a loaf of bread as it rises, or handling cakes when making a layer cake. It just bugs me when the kids use them to clean up spills, so I separated them from the other regular kitchen towels, and now they have their own home. These mostly all are getting tattered from loving use.  I need to get more! I saw some great vintage ones at the antique store.  Hope they're still there. Lookit that I'm rambling again!  haha

So, head over to A Bowl Full of Lemons and see other people tackling these challenges. I need to psych myself up for this hallway thing... and sleep.  Goodnight!