Thanks For Listening to Me Rant and an Update

Really thanks y'all for coming and reading my blog and letting me use you as a shoulder to cry on or just a ear to yell in cause I can't yell at who I WANT to yell at.

We've been dealing with a lot of personal family crap lately, and I'll try not to vent here as much as I have been lately.  I just felt the need to get a lot of that out of my system. Hope I didn't scare anyone off. I am not really a harpy, I promise!

The tagging game was fun, and it finally got me to look at and update my blogroll list. It's really long now! There are so many great blogs out there, and I love finding new ones every day. My favorite ones are the ones who don't put on a "face" for the internet.  They just get real and tell it like it is and show pics of their messy rooms and kids with bed head and fingerprints all over the windows. I guess I feel more comfortable there. But I love the "pretty" blogs too.  The ladies who seem to really have it all together and decorate the way I wish I could, and swear someday I will... but I suspect most of them don't have kids at home anymore either haha.

As for around here, the family drama has kind of sapped my strength and that of everyone around really. The kids are back to school now and just seemed exhausted before even going back. The Christmas break just seemed to be a little too long and too heavy on the melodrama for my taste. I've finally gotten most of the Christmas decorations put in boxes, and Hubby helped get the tree taken down last night and boxed up. It's supposed to all go to the storage building, but the pickup truck needs a new radiator and the van won't get out of 2nd gear. That's actually not an issue as for taking stuff to storage since the unit is down a side road from us, not even on the main road... it's just that the van doors don't open.  Like a big metal rolling death trap. The driver and passenger door still work so far, but it makes it hard to load the van with boxes.  But I guess we'll have to get it done. 

Actually Everything that needed to be done this week should have been done today since hubby was off (and I hate to drive the van in it's current state). But I slept late and then we were on the phone or texting or emailing or I was sitting down crying my eyes out all day. It's exhausting. And I can't work on any of it after work since people are sleeping.  All the kids go to school tomorrow finally, so I'll try to get up earlier and get my desk cleared off and start getting things moved.

We actually already have a wardrobe in the bedroom Hubby can use. It's currently being used as a linen cabinet, but since I'll have my laundry room back, I'll just store things in there on top of the sorter rack. Need to put up some shelves too. So, anyway, I just have to empty the linen cabinet, put the hanging bar back in it and move shelves down, then transfer Hubby's clothes from the closet to the wardrobe, then clear off my desk and move it and the computer and stuff to the closet and run the cords to the power strip.  Then just spend some time rearranging the laundry room and *doing* laundry. You know, it's actually kind of calming just thinking about it.  It's a simple redo with results that will make me feel much better. Hmmm, maybe I'll get started after work anyway and just be very very quiet? hehe.  I'm definitely doing laundry at least.

I promise to finally get some new photos on here too.

Ok, it's about time to get off work, so I'm going to set this to poster later in the afternoon, and I'm gonna get lunches packed, laundry done and get my desk cleared and throw away a bunch of junk. Oh and sleep too.  Have a great day y'all!