Under the Bathroom Sinks - Challenge #14 (Catching up) - 21 Days to Get Organized

I knew this one wouldn't bee too hard to do as far as cleaning out and organizing, the problem was physically being able to do it. I had a back injury when I was 18 and it can only take so much manual labor before it has to take it easy for a few days to recover.  Tonight when everyone was in bed and it was quiet (it's my night off work), I felt like I'd recovered enough to tackle the cabinets under both bathroom sinks - as long as I got it done fast while the adrenaline was pumping.

So, here's the before pic of the first one I did - the main bathroom (or kids' bathroom).

It was pretty bad. 

Remember these?  I do, barely. Very cool and retro/vintage and all, but taking up space in the cabinet. We don't need it.  I have a professional hair dryer from Sally's, so this one will go to Goodwill.  It was in a box of stuff from my Hubby's grandmother.  We always find the weirdest stuff in boxes from here. It's fun.

I cleared it out and swept it out.

And put down the pretty Contact paper.  This doesn't really match their bathroom well, but it doesn't really matter, and I can always change it.  It doesn't really stick to that presswood well, but enough that it's not going to move around much.

I got the cute green carry container at Dollar Tree! I love it. I knew it would be perfect for the hair dryer and curling irons since those things tend to get taken to bedrooms when the girls do their hair. The bottle behind it are water. I like to keep some extra in case the water is shut off for whatever reason so the toilet can still be flushed or something can be rinsed off etc. There is one of the spare rolls of toilet paper, the other one is here:
My best friend (and Zoe's godfather)'s Nan made this for me a LONG time ago, and I always thought it was so cute. My Granny had something like this in her bathroom, so I love the retro feel of it. Great for a girls' bathroom.
And now this is the other side of the cabinet:
There's one green trash bag left for their trashcan after I changed the bag today. The green container will be for their "girly things" lol, but they seem to be out.  They had tons of boxes of stuff under there, and they were all empty. Time to stock up again, there are 2 teen girls plus me living here afterall haha! (My poor husband). The flower things are actually rubber gloves (That I think are super cute), that are used for dying hair. They were in my kitchen long ago, but once they were stolen to dye Corina's hair blue, they were never quite the same again, so now they stay here.

And on to the Master bathroom!


This was a hot mess.

The cute carry container again from Dollar Tree holds more curling irons, then there are lotion samples and other stuff in the makeup bags.  In the one way at the back, I put the Ace bandages and knee brace (Hubby's got bum knees).
Epsom salts and sunblock... where else do you store those really? At the back of the master bathroom cabinet, that's where. There is room here for another square container like the one in the main bathroom for "girl things".. I seem to be all out too!  EEP! That's never good. Gotta get to the store tomorrow, because that's just ASKING for Murphy's law to set in. It'll give me a chance to buy more containers too, YAY! At a buck a piece, I'm not breaking the bank or budget, so it's good. :)
Notice I put down the contact paper here too. This time it does match the bathroom heh, and I love it. Makes the cabinet looks much nicer and finished.

Well, that's it. I guess I should organize on top of the vanity where I have a basket of STUFF, like makeup, deodorant, lotion, etc.  It's a mess. But at least it's all in the basket, so that's something.
Maybe that'll be another challenge heh.  If not, I'll do it when they're over.