Weekly Challenge #1- Home Management Binder (Part Two)

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Now we're on to the next 2 sections.

After the calendar, is Routines!  Again, I use normal page protectors as my dividers and add the stick on tabs, then put a printout in the divider page.

This is my morning routine (though since I work nights, it's not usually morning when I do it ;) )

The next page is Afternoon/school and Before bed routines:
 It's great to be able to use a dry erase marker to mark them off as I complete each task, and it just wipes right off.

The next section is House Keeping. 

I've had these so long I can't remember where I got them, but I have have a page of lists of how to clean each room... there's bedroom
 then bathroom
 And living room

Then since I have lots of notes for the next couple of sections, they got their own dividers pages. next is Laundry:

I've also got several pages of tips I found on how to take care of stains, directions to make your own home made laundry detergent, how to fold a fitted sheet, tips on ironing etc.

Next comes the Kitchen:
There's a list of tasks that should be done and suggestions for how to delegate to the kids.

Then I printed out several of the Zone Missions for the Kitchen from Flylady. I'm hoping to get a collection of these zone missions, so I can just randomly choose a task to do once the house is organized and clean to start with.

One thing that's really come in handy is Flylady's Crisis Cleaning directions. When things were really bad, I'd get my oldest daughter and we'd go back and forth doing as instructed til we got the house to at least look presentable. Hopefully I'll never need it again, but who knows.

I also have Flylady's How to Declutter.
 And then there several pages of this. Cleaning Grand Plans by Katie Leckey.  I do not remember where I got this, but it's ideas and instructions for some basic deep cleaning.  I use these pages as a reference guide for when I make my spring cleaning lists.

And that does actually bring us to Spring Cleaning!
 I'm making rough drafts of a few rooms, but so far I have this one complete and printed out. Each task is listed and assigned to me or one of the kids and then there's a spot for "completed by". 
The kitchen has a LOT of tasks, but each one is really just a small step in a larger task, so there's nothing big and overwhelming for anyone. I'm not sure when we'll start this, but I want it to be a day when we're all home and it's actually warm enough out to open the windows. (It was actually a day like that today, but we all had so many plans we were hardly ever home.)

So, that's it for this post on my HMB.  The cleaning / homekeeping section was probably the largest, so it needed its own post.  Later I'll probably be able to get through the rest of it in one more post, I think.

Hope you're making a HMB or maybe tweaking yours and have linked up on A Bowl Full of Lemons!
I'm going to go check out the ones I haven't visited yet!

Links to:
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