Well, It's Official. No More Scholarship, Time to Move to Grandma's?

Yeah, that's a scary headline to read isn't it?   My husband is a pacifist and very laid back normally, and really hates confrontation, but when he found out she'd signed the papers and is no longer attending our alma mater,... well he was less than calm. 

He heard her side of it, then sent a long involved email to the college demanding an explanation for a lot of what happened. Mainly they said she missed 5 classes when she says when only missed 3.  Those two days mean failing the class or getting a B+. 

But for me, well I'm relieved it's over.  I don't know why, but it just seemed like there was a lot of tension and stress in the air revolving around her going to that school.  She now says she actually hated it, but was trying to tough it out.  She just wants to go to a smaller, easier school. Well, she's not going to get into teaching that way, but maybe she needs time to mature some more and a community college will let her get the core stuff out of the way.

Her dad wants her to get into the community college for the spring semester so she doesn't miss time. She wants to wait til fall. He wants her to move out if she waits til fall. If she does wait and doesn't move out then she has a curfew and rules to follow like when she was in high school...

So, to avoid more stress, I have come up with a solution I think will be good for many people involved.  Since her fiance is having similar troubles with his home life, and he can pretty much live anywhere in this area due to being sent on location for his job... I recommended they talk to my hubby's parents about the kids moving in there and helping out around the house in exchange for living there.  Then Corina can work at a a restaurant a friend of mine owns or maybe even my sister's coffee shop.  She's very outgoing and bubbly. She's a good PR, people person. She could even keep the movie theater job here, but it's an hour drive, so I hope she can get a set schedule with longer hours per day to make it worth the drive.  She might get to where she can quit it altogether.

It would let her and the fiance live together and see if they really can stand being around each other that much in a domestic setting and be out of their parents' houses.  My in laws' house is not your normal "grandma's house."  I think it's safe to say they're both hoarders, of various things. At one time my MIL hoarded birds.  She said she was breeding them to sell the babies to pet stores, and she did a couple times, but what she made off that was nothing compared to what it cost to feed the birds, and they were so nasty and smelled up the house so bad. It's never really recovered from that. many many years ago, we stopped going to her house for Family Dinner Night and now she comes here to see the family.  So, I think it would be good for the kids to move in with her (her husband usually lives on the other side of the state with his Mom and his grown kids at least half the year... it's a strange marriage.) They can help get the house livable again and it lets them sort of get out on their own (at least away from parents).

Right now, it's up to her grandpa.  He's on the other side of the state right now, so she's emailed him to discuss it with him.  His son lived with them for years when he had nowhere else to go, so maybe he'll give them a chance too. It's not like he'll see them very often.

I've emailed my friend about that waitressing job.

I love her to death, really and I'll miss her terribly when she's not around, but it's really time she got out there and got a taste of what life is really like.  I don't know if living in her grandparent's basement and working 3 jobs will finally make her get the picture or not, but I can hope.