Been shopping.

Yep, been shopping for all sorts of stuff! I don't have pics of anything yet, but I'll try to do a post, especially on Zoe's room where I got her some really great and functional things. I never did get her a book case. I still might, but it's not as important now as it has been with some rearranging.

I got a "new" dryer. The old one finally did stop working altogether. I'm pretty sure it was the motor, but might just be bad wiring. Either way, it was time to be replaced. I was going to get an actually new dryer, but I decided I'd rather save money on that and just get a used one, then get Hubby a new laptop instead. The dryer is rather big. I am pretty sure it's bigger than the last one. It has the signal that it's done and wrinkle guard I can turn on and off, different heat settings, even a light inside. A lot like my old one, and it works like a charm so far, so I'm happy. And it was only $100 :) And the guy said he'd pay me something for the old broken one too if I can get it to his shop. Cool.

After picking up the dryer, Christopher and I went to a couple of used furniture stores to look for storage and stuff, and stopped at a coffee shop on the way home. I figured a hot apple cider would make him feel better. He's sick :( Poor thing.

I took Rhiannon to get her hair cut today too. Now it's that style Kate from Jon and Kate Plus 8 used to have where it's longer and plastered against the head in the front and weirdly spiked in the back... I have no idea why a 14 year old wanted that cut, but she said it was very versatile and went home to do a fauxhawk then wore a hat all day. She's an odd one.

Christopher wasn't feeling well at all, but he liked the idea of getting a new laptop and some new books, so we headed out to the near real city (45 minutes away) where there's a Best Buy, a Books A Million, Pier One and Starbucks. There's lots of other stuff too, but those are the ones I care about ;)

Actually Pier One which is usually PACKED with stuff, was practically sparse. Big open areas with nothing in them. That's never happens. Also, I left there without wishing I'd been able to buy *insert to-die-for-thing here*. That also never happens. At least I found something cool at Books A Million for a gift I've been needing to pick up.

Also went by KMart to get more curtains for the living room since my local one ran out of the ones I wanted. (Then realized when I got home, I'm still one panel short. ARGH! It was definitely time to change the old ones. I loved how they looked, but they were 84 long and pooled at the floor - and one or more of the cats had decided it was ok to use them as a litter box - even after the litter boxes were dumped and refilled and kept cleaner. The cats are just spoiled and think they can do whatever they want. Well whichever one has been doing it will soon find itself outside for a long time. Anyway, the new curtains I'm still not 100% sure on yet. I want more privacy with the front window, but still be able to see out that window when doing dishes or cooking. So I had a valance and tiers so the bottom was covered and neighbors couldn't see in, but I could still see out between the tiers and valance, but they just didn't feel right, the color or patters of something - and I hated the black empty window at night. So I think we have found a solution, but I'm not sure yet. I have to live with it - and figure out what to do about another panel. I'll post pics when I decide.

After we got his laptop at Best Buy, we ate at IHOP at his request which he never wants. Turns out he wanted their shrimp but got pot roast instead. I had to have the stuffed French toast. Mmmm

Stopped at Starbucks for our regulars on the way home. He always gets a venti green tea frappuccino and I get a chai latte or a chai frap, depending on the season. Theirs is the closest latte I've ever found to my own. Other places just taste like the Trader Joes powder stuff (I can get the same stuff at the Mennonite store locally too)... I guess some people prefer that, but it's too thick and rich for me. I want tea, spices and milk. And yes I'm drinking one right now. It's an addiction.

The truck acted up only for about 2 seconds on the way there and maybe 3 or 4 times on the way back, but nothing major and I didn't panic this time. I knew it was going to be OK. Still bugs me that it happens, but I think it's the carburetor. I think our search for a new-to-us van is going to have to just continue a while longer since I just can't find anything we need or want for under $2600, and we just don't have that after getting other stuff paid. (The laptop wasn't budgeted, but we decided it had to be done with the tax refund because I needed a more reliable backup for work.) We do have the truck and it runs fine and is getting decent gas mileage, so it will get him back and forth to work if the van finally bites the dust. Just have to be patient and save up some more and adjust the budget. We won't get debt free as soon as we'd have liked, but as long as it happens this year, then I'll be happy. The budget was to have it all paid off by July, so we have a half a year leeway.

I hope y'all had a good weekend and I hope you didn't spend as much money as we did! I'll be better with the rest of it. Time to pay some Doctor bills YAY!

Oh the new weekly challenge has been posted at A Bowl Full of Lemons and it's the Launchpad! I need to work on ours, it's ok but really needs tweaking.


  1. Sounds like a very big day of fun and shopping. I am so pleased you are being so good to yourself. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic


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