A Fantastic deal I wanted to share!

I don't usually do the whole SAVE MONEY NOW posts, but seriously this one is amazing and I just really wanted to share so y'all can know about it and get in on the goods too! I first heard about it on the Frugal Living and Having Fun blog, and now I'm passing it along.

Modnique, a very upscale daily deal site has some beautiful jewelry up to 80% off

The really cool thing is, that on top of the great deal they have going on, you can get an instant $5 store credit if you're new to the site AND there's a promo code to get another $10 off!!  Just enter Valentine in the promo code box. Also make sure you have it apply all $5.00 of the store credit. 

I got this ring for Faelyn's 13th birthday which is on Valentines day:
 It normally sells for $31 and was on sale for $15. After the $10 promo code and the $5 store credit I got it for free and just paid the $7.50 shipping/handling.

The wild thing is that this ring which is sterling silver with diamonds and a Citrine stone

(which is gorgeous) is normally $119 and is on sale for $18, so after the promo and credit, you'd pay $3 plus the $7.50 shipping which is awesome.

At least go check out the site and maybe you'll find yourself a pretty :)

Don't forget to use the promo code Valentine  to get the $10 off! 


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