Happy Valentines Day!

I love Valentines Day!

13 years ago on Valentines Day, I had my 3rd little baby girl, Faelyn Renee'.  Christopher knew that it would change how we celebrated that day for the next several years to come, and he decided not to let it be all about Faelyn every year. He brought me a dozen pink roses in the hospital just for me for Valentines Day. They were the most beautiful roses I'd ever seen and certainly ever received. He's such a sweetheart.

This year it's kind of turned into a competition which is funny.  So many years we never really had money to get each other anything since we spent it on Faelyn's birthday gifts. Well, even before she was born, we never had money money to celebrate either.

This year though we're doing a little better, and we'd just gotten the tax refund as well, so had a little extra from that. I got him a touch smart phone which finally does everything he's wanted a phone to do, and it happened to be around Valentines Day, so it became his gift. Then he got me a dozen peach roses which are gorgeous and smell so good, and a huge heart shaped box of candy. There is no woman who doesn't love getting those things, I don't care who you are.  Since we were going to celebrate Faelyn's birthday Saturday, we decided to make Friday our date night and we got Corina to babysit. We went to the bigger town an hour away and had a quick McDonalds meal together cause we were running late, then went to see The King's Speech together.  Then we got Starbucks drinks for the ride home. At home, the kids went on to bed after finishing up a game with Corina who went back home. And Hubby and I watched DVDs and had our traditional date night snacks. It was such a great night.

Then when I went shopping for groceries on Saturday, I got him a package of Double Stuff Oreos, his absolute fave cookie. I gave them to him when he was reading and said Happy Valentines Day, and he got up and kissed me and said I keep 1-upping him LOL. 

So, today he gave me a little white box tied in ribbons. It was a pound of handmade chocolates from the Rural Resources catering program Rhiannon is a part of. Apparently in his eyes that made us even... but what he didn't know yet was that I ordered something from them too.  So, I presented him with his huge heart shaped cookie cake with "I Love You" written on it in icing. I told him he had to take it with him to work.  I got another kiss and was told I keep 1-upping him again.  But he loved it.  He's always felt bad for so many years that we weren't well off enough to have this kind of fun on Valentines Day.  But this one has turned into one that we'll remember for a long time.

Faelyn had a great birthday too according to her. :)  She got a new phone with unlimited texts and web and an MP3 player.  What more does a teenager need right?  Well, we also got her a new Wii remote since we only had one, so now two kids can play together. And we got her Just Dance 2. They've worn themselves out playing that game.  Christopher and I even got up and played. It's a lot of fun.Today was Rhiannon's chorus concert which I was too sick to go to, but Christopher went and got to meet Faelyn's boyfriend who also went. He's 3 years older and in high school, and is in ROTC. Christopher said he seemed like he was a nice guy.  He gave Faelyn a heart-box of chocolates as big as mine and a gorgeous silver heart necklace with a blue topaz. Very pretty. A Valentines gift AND a birthday gift.  I told her he's a keeper LOL! 

So, other than most of us being sick as dogs, it's been a really great weekend. Very fun and relaxing.  Just what we all needed.   I hope you all had a great weekend too and have a great Valentines Day!


  1. Sounds like you all are having a great Valentines Day. Hope you enjoy the rest of it. Try not to eat too much chocolate!

  2. How sweet! (Can your Dh have a talk with mine? ;P)

  3. Wow, that's a whole lot of happy over there!

  4. Pray you guys get better soon....Girl my children got Just Dance two for Christmas and it is a workout video lol...I have to say I love the It's Raining Men one because it is about one of the slows songs on the whole video game lol....

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