Her jaw actually dropped.

My oldest daughter Corina came over today. She and her fiance TJ were in town getting stuff to make snacks for he Big Game tonight, so she decided to come over and hang out a little. We had a nice talk, and her dad came home just a little after she got here.

She and TJ helped take some stuff to the storage unit for us and she went to open the cabinet under the kitchen sink to get a trash bag and she stopped. Her jaw dropped and she said "Oh My Gosh! It's clean and organized!"

haha! YAY! I guess it really was noticeable.

And even better! - she commented on how when she had come over the other day to get something and no one was home, she looked in the fridge (she always raids the fridge - I think all 18 years olds do lol)... and she was amazed. She said, "It's even clean down on the bottom where it was all nasty and goopy!" She asked how long it took to clean and how I could have possibly done it without puking haha! I told her I should have had a hazmat suit!

It's nice to have someone who knew how bad it really was see how much things have changed now. Might be prideful of me, but I've got to admit, it feels good!


  1. thats aweome! Proud of you! I know how hard it is to keep things clean and how great it feels wqhen finally someone actually notices! Love your blog btw:)


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