I think things are about to get complicated...

You know those days that really epitomize the saying, "When it rains, it pours"? Well, I think we're in the middle of one of those.

Zoe is out of school because she's sick and the nurse there thought she had pink eye, so it has to be seen by a Dr before she returns. She has a Dr appt tomorrow at 10am. Christopher is off work tomorrow, so that shouldn't be an issue... but now he is really sick too and probably needs to see a Dr too.

On top of that, we found out two more things tonight.
1. My mother in law is in the hospital with congestive heart failure. Her husband wouldn't even take her, and she drove herself. He told her if she needed anything while there to call him. Really? When my Hubby was in the hospital, I never left except to get clean clothes and make sure the kids were ok with family. Maybe it's just me.
So, anyway, we're going to need to go see her tomorrow and find out how serious it really is. I know several people with it who are fine after getting the fluid removed, but it is scary. Christopher doesn't think he should go in and see her since he's sick though. So, we'll see.

2. Corina and TJ came over today again. This time she asked for help. Seems the "nice guy" who's the husband of a woman she works with at her brand new job and was supposed to be working on her car that broke down at work... is a scam artist. Or just plain liar. She paid the guy 10-20 bucks each time he came out to look at the car (it went up $5 each time), and he kept telling them what parts to go buy and then asked for $100 up front to do it and even took the keys.
So long story short, he screwed them over and she's out $100 and has parts that may or may not fix the car if someone else works on it... and she had to get the keys back from him by 3pm today before the manager of the place where it's sitting has it towed. Finally after calling a ton of times and him saying he's be there in an hour... 2 hours... 20 minutes... his son finally showed up with a grin like "You paid us $100 to change some spark plugs". She's so ticked off.

So, anyway, she's finally decided to have the garage we always use come and tow it in and look it over and give them an estimate and tell them what's actually wrong with it. Then we'll decide if we can help them out.

***This Just In! ... As I've been writing this, Christopher has practically had his head in the toilet the whole time. Better go take care of my Hubby.

Sure hope things don't get too interesting around here!