Kind of missing in action - rambling

Hello all! I am still around, and chugging away at stuff day after day, but things have kind of been a little more hectic than normal and my body's apparently trying to fight off the illness going around - by making me sleep 12 hours a day. Hard to get stuff done when you work 8.5 of the ones you're awake. I have gotten laundry down to just one hamper of darks and it's not even over flowing. I ran out of hangers and that's not happened since before I bought like 10 sets of hangers at back to school time when WalMart had them in cool colors. So, I guess I finally washed more clothes than we have hangers for - checked all the closets too. I have overcome Mount Washmore! ... just in time to get sick.

Zoe's got a sinus infection and an ear infection. She didn't get strep afterall, though it's going around. She's seen a Dr and has meds.  Rhiannon and Christopher seem to both have the same thing, but they've not seen a Dr yet. Rhiannon has my immune system and has slept for 2 straight days with very little awake time except to drink and eat something.  She should be able to fight it off. Christopher is just stubborn and there's not much he can take that won't interfere with his daily meds anyway.

My mother in law was in the hospital with what they thought was congestive heart failure, but it's more serious. She may need a liver transplant, but still needs to see a specialist.  Y'all keep her in your prayers - she'd never ask for them and would probably tell you to jump off a bridge, but I'm asking for her.

Just when I thought we were going to get ahead with money, my oldest's car broke down and will cost $369 to fix.  She's supposed to pay most of it, but I think she expects us to pay it all or something.  Her dad wants to pay half, but Faelyn's birthday is Monday and I don't want to take away from what I have budgeted for that. We'll see.

Faelyn wants to have a birthday party with a few friends. Our house is comfy for us, but I'm seeing it as being very small and cramped for a house full of 13 yr olds. I don't know. I'll think about it.  Rhiannon could always bunk with Zoe that night and let the girls take over Faelyn and Rhiannon's room. Or they could camp out in the living room I guess. Problem is the cats like to leave little presents in the hallway sometimes even when the litter boxes are clean (this is why I want laminate or vinyl in the hallway).. and it gives me hives just thinking of some kid waking up and finding that. It's gross and I'm sure they'd tell their Mom and I'd be mortified. Heck I'm still trying to get rid of the danged fruit flies that live on the ceiling and won't DIE. Ahem...

I'm sure there's more to ramble about, but my throat is getting scratchy and I'm getting sleepy. I'm off work Fri and Sat. Christopher is off work Sat and Sun. We WILL have a date night to celebrate Valentines Day dangit! Even if I'm coughing my head off.

Maybe it would be fitting if I were sick. On Valentines Day 20 years ago.. the first one we had together as "more than friends" (we were best friends for 5 years before we started dating)... I was in the hospital having my gall bladder removed. I was pretty sick. My roommate at the time refused to take me to the hospital when I doubled over in pain, but thankfully Christopher was hanging out at our place that day. He drove me to the hospital and stayed with me the whole time.

Come to think of it, we've never really had a romantic Valentines Day since then... life just kind of got in the way. I think it's time I made it up to him.

More to come! for now I must go sleep off this nasty virus.