My Blog Was Featured, and I WON Something Awesome!

Hey y'all, just a quick post to brag a little. I don't usually have much to brag about LOL.

My blog has been featured on an Organizing site, 

Specifically she featured my post on my Home Management Binder.

Thanks Sandy!!

Also, I won an amazing giveaway recently. I just got the prize in the mail and LOVING it!

These photo notecards are from Photographer Kate Young at her blog Chronicles of a Country Girl. You may have seen her blog before, she's got the gorgeous black and white Aussie shepherd named George.

I want to use them as note cards and send them to people I know who still cherish getting real letters in the mail, but I also want to frame them! I know I'm at least framing the flower ones, and I think the steeple one would go so nice in the living room, and the seagull is ADORABLE and would be amazing looking down at me over my desk!  ... maybe I just need to buy more note cards to actually mail to people hehe.

So, thanks to both Sandy and Kate!!


  1. Congratulations! It is always good to get a little blog love and recognition. I am so excited for you!!!

  2. Hi, Patty. So glad you like them. They are yours, so do whatever you like with them. And hey, how did you get the Pottery Barn ad on here? I love Pottery Barn. Cheers!

  3. Hi Kate! I have no clue how the Pottery barn ad got there LOL. I turned on ads somewhere in settings once... I figured no one ever paid any attention to them cause I don't make any money from them LOL. Guess I should pay more attention hehe.

  4. Kate, thanks for the heads up on the ads! LOL I hadn't looked at them in over a year and didn't even have a bank account set up. Getting that all taken care of now. I'm guessing mentioning you made Pottery Barn appear ;) It's not on my other posts hehe.

  5. You did work hard on that challenge-Congrats on being featured and on winning the drawing. :)


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