My Blog Was Featured, and I WON Something Awesome!

Hey y'all, just a quick post to brag a little. I don't usually have much to brag about LOL.

My blog has been featured on an Organizing site, 

Specifically she featured my post on my Home Management Binder.

Thanks Sandy!!

Also, I won an amazing giveaway recently. I just got the prize in the mail and LOVING it!

These photo notecards are from Photographer Kate Young at her blog Chronicles of a Country Girl. You may have seen her blog before, she's got the gorgeous black and white Aussie shepherd named George.

I want to use them as note cards and send them to people I know who still cherish getting real letters in the mail, but I also want to frame them! I know I'm at least framing the flower ones, and I think the steeple one would go so nice in the living room, and the seagull is ADORABLE and would be amazing looking down at me over my desk!  ... maybe I just need to buy more note cards to actually mail to people hehe.

So, thanks to both Sandy and Kate!!