Prayer Worked!! and My husband has magical hands - no not like that!

Haha!  Christopher had today off work and had several things on his list of things he needed to take care of today.  However the day didn't quite go as planned.

One of the things on the list was to take the truck back to the garage.We got it out of the shop on Thursday evening. I drove it some Friday to run errands and all day Saturday shopping, and then Sunday there were a bunch of playdates and real dates I had to be chauffeur for. By the time I came home from taking the two teens across town to the park to meet someone, I could barely get the truck home. It sputtered and lurched and made me so nervous and afraid it would just up and die. Then it backfired when I was almost home and it scared me to death! I made it home with people in the neighborhood staring at my lurching truck, and called Corina to go get her sisters before nightfall and to please try to get Zoe to and from the pool party she was invited too and couldn't wait for. Well, Corina's car wasn't running and she's not insured on her fiance's mom's car - and her fiance was busy with another guy trying to fix her car for free. She kept saying she'd try if they finished, but by 6pm it was getting dark and cold so I had to try the truck again. I didn't want Zoe out with me if it broke down, so I told her not to answer the door and locked them all and headed out.

I sat in the truck and before even putting the key in, I prayed HARD.  I was short and to the point and precise in what I needed and that it was for my girls who were cold and in a not safe place after dark.

It started up fine and did not sputter even once the entire way across town to get them or any on the way home. I told the girls prayer was what was getting them home.

Today Christopher got up early to drive Zoe to school to make it in time for her tutoring, and wanted to see if it sputtered or acted up for him. Then he drove around paying a couple of bills and went to the bank. It never did anything but "drive like a dream" he said. Hooray!  The Good Lord is really watching out for us and making His presence known this week.

The next amazing thing was about another task on Christopher's to do list. Our dryer had stopped working about 2 weeks ago. I've had to wash only what was necessary and try to get them dry by hanging them up in the laundry room or the master bathroom (which is the warmest room in the house oddly).  Chris had taken a few loads to the laundromat once or twice a week. We've wanted to take it to get it fixed rather than buy a new one because it really is a great dryer and I like it fine. No reason spending a ton on something new when this one is ok when working. The repair guy we know is really good and honest too. But we couldn't get it to the repair place without the truck, then after we got it, Chris had to work 12 hour days. Finally today he was off so we were going to take it on the way to the garage. Well, it had been muddy and it's still kind of cold, so having to get it out of the house and through the mud to the truck was not something he wanted to do... so (he may have even prayed about this).. he walked over to the dryer jiggled the start button a little and pushed it...  this is the SAME thing I'd been doing daily for 2 weeks just to see if it was going to just start working again - hey it happens...  well, this time it DID!  He pushed that button and it started tumbling and heating up!

He even dried, folded and hung up the load of whites I'd washed earlier hoping we'd get the dryer fixed before they could sour and then started drying the load in the washer. It was an awesome thing to wake up to!!

It feels amazing to have GOOD things happen to us!  It's been so long that we've had this Murphy's Law cloud following up around that we expect things to go wrong, but this is just weird and crazy and wonderful!  GOD is awesome and amazing and I LOVE when He makes Himself known like that.  I still get shivers.

Well I just had to share this with y'all!  Have a great day!!


  1. Your post made me smile. :)

    I pray that things continue to go well for you and your family and that February is just the beginning of what is going to be a great year for you.


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