Cinnamon Rolls!

Look what we made!

Cinnamon Rolls!!

They rose pretty well.

I used the recipe from Cooking With Littles.   These are totally made my hand and are yeast risen.  My 14 year old, Rhiannon kneaded the dough and did most of the work. I was her helper.  We had a lot of fun with it.

I didn't have any cream cheese on hand and couldn't make yogurt cheese since my yogurt making was a total failure. Oh well.  I'll just go back to making it the way I'm used to.  But anyway, I used the simple glaze recipe from Chickens in the Road.   The glaze icing was a snap to make and it really covered everything.  It's hard to tell since it kind of melted into the rolls as soon as I drizzled it on them. I think for this size pan, I'll probably make a double batch of icing next time. Her recipe on that page for the quickbread cinnamon rolls looks really good and a lot quicker and easier than this recipe, but for today I wanted to do the whole hand made from scratch hard way with my girl. 

Doesn't that look amazing?  The neighborhood kids were coming in going, "What smells SO GOOD?!"  haha There was plenty to go around and share too.  And ooooooh they taste SO yummy!!!

As for all the other stuff I *wanted * to do today... well none of it really got done.  The girls have mostly all done their chores and the house looks pretty good.  The main bathroom actually looks (and smells!) great. The living room is neat and vacuumed. The kitchen is clean even after making a huge mess. Not bad.  Maybe I'll do this all summer long too, and just cut them down to 3 things a day. 

The reason I didn't get much done was that I had stayed up later than normal getting my yogurt started. It has to warm for 2+ hours then sit for 3+ hours then you stir in the starter and cover overnight (or 8 hours).  I stayed up til it was cover and wait time.  

I figured I'd still have time to get enough sleep to get up after lunch and make the cinnamon rolls with Rhiannon.  Well, 9am rolls around just an hour after I got to sleep and Faelyn is running around fussing the Rural Resources bus came and left without her, so I had to get her to text and call to get ahold of the driver to come back and get her after other stops.  She did finally go.  

Then as soon as I drifted off again, the hospital called wanting to know how to contact my MIL since her surgery is in a couple days and they had questions.  Seriously?  She didn't give them her cell? So I gave it to them and went back to sleep... 

By then the dogs were barking all the time.  Kids were sneaking into the house when they know my rule about no kids-that-I-didn't-give-birth-to-in-my-house-when-I'm-asleep. I knew about them because my other kids tattletaled on Zoe. *eyeroll*  

Then I'd finally gotten back to sleep from exhaustion when Corina, my oldest, called. Her car had broken down on her way out to run errands.  Her alternator's bad, but she though her beloved wondrous fiancée had fixed it.  Umm no.  You need to take it back to the shop dearie and pay to get a new one.  Well actually he and his dad can probably do it themselves, but still she shouldn't have been driving it.  So I had to drive across town to pick her up. I didn't feel like driving up to Waffle House to drop her off to wait on her man  (he's a waiter there, and she's a waitress.) So I gave her the truck keys and told her to bring it back when he got off work. 

I thought, "I can go sleep now!" ... then Hubby called.  He was going to lunch and wanted to let me know his boss had paid him a large sum to cover for him so he could get the heck outta Dodge. So he was going to be closing the store... that makes it a 14 hour day. And he was going to lunch. Suddenly I was very hungry. I ended up kind of making his lunch hour less than pleasant, but he came to get me and we went to Wendy's where there was a huge line and by the time I had 2 bites of my salad it was time to go. Well, I paid for lunch so he still has that cash in his pocket heh. 

So, by the time I got back home, there were kids running everywhere and I needed to be Awake Mommy.  I guess I've had maybe 4 hours of sleep total, and I have to work tonight 7pm-3am. 

*YAWN!* Think of me tonight! haha

Til next time!