Feeling a Bit Better, and Feeling Inspired!

Hello all!  I'm still a grumpy gus, especially to my poor family, but I still feel a LOT better than I did.  I was in tears it hurt so bad.  But now I have found a lumbar support pillow for my chair that really helps, and I have my Ibuprofen bottle heh.

Unfortunately I never did get that laundry caught up that I posted about before.  My back got a lot worse, and that load stayed in the dryer. Thankfully nothing was in the washer at the time.  But now, I've asked the family to fold stuff for me so I don't have that strain on my back and I'll just keep the washer and dryer going.  I'm doubting they fold it though.  I'll find a giant pile of clean clothes on the couch with the dogs laying on it. Just wait. you'll see.

But anyway, trying not to dwell on the negative.  A few blogs I read have really inspired me to get more organizing and cleaning and prettyfying (I made that up) done around the house.

Shelia at Note Songs is having a blog party. I haven't done one like this in probably a year or so, but I feel like doing it this time.

And I'm planning on showcasing my tiny china cabinet. It needs to be refreshed a bit, and this is a good reason to do it. 

Also, Nony at A Slob Comes Clean redid her daughter's bedroom.  She's totally inspired me to get into Zoe's room and really get rid of stuff.  She doesn't have much space, so needs to get rid of the stuff she doesn't play with.  I really need to get her more Barbies too. She keeps asking for more and she'll be too old for them soon. She had friends over all this weekend and they hardly ever played in her room.  I need to get it better organized and easy to play in for her and her friends. 

I also need to work on the Master Bedroom some more and get pics of the cleared off game table and KEEP it cleared off. It's already starting to collect more stuff.  This was the before:
Really don't want it to get back to this.

Toni at A Bowl Full Of Lemons is also doing her Weekly Challenge on Purging, so yay for inspiration!

Oh and speaking of collecting stuff... since I was kind of out of commission the last couple days, I let the kitchen go, which I hated to do since I'd just posted about how I was getting back on track and all.. but what really ticked me off was that I had a display of a few of my glassware pieces that I really love.  I'd washed them and they were all sparkly and I had them stacked on the dining table.  It was to remind people not to cover the table in stuff.  Well, half the stack was moved to the top of the freezer and the rest was covered in stuff.  I've told the whole family several times I'm not happy about it and they need to get it cleared off.  So far two of them (including Hubby) have said, "I moved my stuff off of the table!"  yet it's still covered in stuff.  They won't do a little extra and put away something that's not theirs... and the stuff they did remove, just got set down some place else it's not supposed to be.  

This week is the kids' Spring Break.  I'm not happy at the prospect of the kids trashing my house all day while I sleep all week long.  I'm going to have to write out chores for them to do so they have something to do and keep busy and know I'll be checking when I wake up. It *might* counter the effect of them being home.  Zoe will have to deal with her friends not coming inside til I'm awake.  I can't deal with that all week. Also, I'm going to have to hide ALL the lunch/snack foods and pack them a breakfast,  lunch and snack each day.  Otherwise they'll eat it all sitting around being bored and there won't be anything left for next week when they actually go back to school.  

I'm actually surprised there's any bagel bites left.  I think they're too lazy to open the deep freezer... well they'd have to move the glassware wouldn't they?  Sheesh.

Well, better stop now before I go off on another rant haha.  I'm *really* hoping this back pain thing is a thing of the past. Getting old sucks. 

Have a great week y'all!