Getting stuff done!

So, it's been a couple days since I wrote my list of things I need to do this week.  For a refresher, here it is again with the stuff I've done marked off.:

1. Clear off the ottoman at foot of bed, wash it off, and work on keeping stuff off of it all week.
2. Clear off the game table. Wash it off. Convince Hubby to organize the game stuff he took off the shelves and put back what he doesn't need out (which is all of it really... but he'll never say that.)
3. Redo the kids' keepsake books into the new binders and put them in the Chinese Cabinet. (I put the original binders in the cabinet so far.)
4. Gather all the photos I've found around the house and put them into the photo boxes. Possibly organize loosely by date, or at least some sort of order.
5. Put the dolls and bunnies in the clear tub and put into the top of my closet.
6. Straighten up the luggage in top of closet and put smaller stuff inside the bigger stuff, leaving out one weekend bag in easy reach for sleepovers/getaways.
7. Do the weekly home blessing.
8. Do one Zone Mission a day.
9. Pick up some wire shelves and plastic baskets to re-organize the deep freezer since it's full to the top and a mess now.
10. Go through Zoe's clothes and put half in the crate in her closet.

Not too bad for halfway through the week. I've not actually done the zone missions, but I have done my after-work routine every night. Oh, and that has had a great side effect by the way... remember I fussed about all those freakish fruit/vinegar flies or gnats or whatever they are... well, they're GONE! I guess they finally had nothing left to eat since I made sure the sinks were shining and the counters were cleared off and sanitized every night.  Even though my kitchen was never *really* bad before, there were several nights a week that dishes would sit in the sink over night or things would get left out, etc.  No more!  I am loving my clean kitchen and it's become such a routine that I don't mind doing it because it's just second nature to clean up and unload the dishwasher and shine my sink. 

This week's challenge at A Bowl Full of Lemons (see buttons in sidebar), is organizing the kitchen, yay! Since it's already starting out clean and I'd done a lot of organizing with the 21 day challenge, I decided to reassess how my drawers were organized. I'll post again later with the pics, but I am loving it even more now! 

We just got a call that my husband's grandfather is not doing well at all, so we have to arrange time and money to get to Florida and see them both very soon. I'll be back later! 


  1. Sorry to hear about your honey's grandfather. Atleast you r may get to feel some warmth and see some sunshine there.
    I am cleaning my kitchen this week also. Done with painting, finally so time to clean and organize. I went from not enough cabinet space to actuallhy a few empty ones, I didn't use half of the stuff that was cluttering them up, Yardsale time I guess.

  2. Congrats on getting the painting done and the cabinet space! I want to paint all of our rooms so badly. We moved in 2 years ago and still haven't painted any room. Can't decide on colors!


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