My Embarrassing Secret

Ok, if you've been here long, you may remember when my husband was away for a week on business right before Thanksgiving... while he was gone I worked on our bedroom every night. I organized his bookshelves and turned one side of the room into his gaming/mancave. His game table had been covered in his gaming books and stuff that wouldn't fit on the shelves, so when I redid the shelves and found room for everything, the table was finally cleared off. It was so nice. Here's some pics from that project:

Well.... here's what the table looks like right now:

It's WORSE than it had been before!  At least before, it was just his gaming stuff... now it's everything!  Giveaway stuff got tossed on here and then fell off onto the floor. Apparently people have been eating in there (the kids and hubby will climb on the bed and watch the big TV some nights) and left take out containers ON THE FLOOR. The stuff I got to redo the kids' keepsake binders is piled in one chair, a bag of cross stitch stuff is piled in another chair. Plus trash, dishes, and just junk.

I'm going to have to either do this ALL AT ONCE and just get it done, or do it in Seven Minute binges.

Either way, I have to get started, and this blog post is my kick in the butt to get it done.  Now everyone can see it and I can be held accountable by all of you.

Watch for more posts with my progress!


  1. Oh my goodness, after all the work you did for Toni's organising challenge!! I'd get the kids to help out with it, good luck!

  2. Oh, I can so relate. I have a "craft table" that I worked very hard to clean and clear before Christmas. Right now, it's piled up with craft stuff, and anything my husband finds in the house that he doesn't know what to do with. Arghhh! Maybe I need to take your challenge along with you! :)

  3. Oh no! Don't you hate when that happens. :( I bet you get it whipped back into shape in no time.

    PS, I like your comforter pattern.


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