My Lovely Blog Award!

I am really honored!  Samantha at My Endless To Do's  has given me the One Lovely Blog Award!  Thanks Samantha!!

So, because I got the award I'm supposed to list 7 things about me you may not know just from reading my blog...

1. I was in a car accident in 1989 when I was 18 years old, 800 miles from home, and the hospital called my mom to tell her I wouldn't make it through the night. (Obv I did heh)

2. I went to a college that didn't even offer the major I wanted all because the boy I was in love with was going to that college...  I did finally marry him 4 years later - totally worth it. (I don't recommend it to anyone picking a college today however.)

3. I can't drive a stick shift.

4. I'm totally a cat person.

5. I work for a game company who's games I probably would never play if my husband wasn't so addicted to playing them.

6. I don't make friends with other females easily, and usually don't feel comfortable around other women as a whole. (no idea why)

7. My favorite dessert is hot syrup steamed pudding with custard. (When I was in England I finally felt "home". Heck people there even look like me! Yay genetics!)

And now I am supposed to list 15 other blogs to award. Samantha already awarded a lot of the ones I would have picked, so I'm going to look at some of the lesser known blogs that might not get as much attention as others. Hmmm 15 is a lot!

1. From the Heart
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3. Organizing Amid Chaos
4. Life in a Day
5. Hard Workin' Grandma
6. Apron Strings and Chicken Wings
7. Front Porches - Sweet Tea & Old Aprons
8. Real Life and Reverie
9. My Daily Life as a Wife and Mother
10. Organizing My Way to Sanity
11. Space For Living
12. Murray Momma
13. Good Enough Mommy
14. Cooking With Littles
15. Clutter. Coffee. Chaos 

There, I did it!  Fifteen great blogs. Go check them out if you have the time.  If you're one of the ones I awarded, then please consider doing a post as well and awarding your own Blog Awards. :)

I didn't get much more done after work last night since I had to get some sleep in before running out to pay a bill with a deadline. I do have a great post incoming with how I'm doing the girls' chores this week. Plus of course all the other stuff I promised I'd do this week hehe.