My Weekend and Menu Plan for March 7-11

Hello!  I hope everyone's had a great weekend! Our was actually pretty great. Friday Christopher got off work at 4pm and called to say the ladies' clearance clothes at his store had gone down to $3.99 each, even for things like Bongo jeans, so I had him get some things for the girls since one lost weight and the other's growing like a weed.  He also brought me some jeans and shorts!  That evening he took Zoe to see Rango for their Daddy-Daughter date Zoe had scheduled on the calendar.  He dropped the other two off at the skating rink where they had a ton of fun apparently. He even took one of their friends home afterwards. It was too late for date night for us then, but I had a nice night of watching HGTV all night and having a whole pan of butterscotch pudding to myself. (It's one of my vices, but I only get it like once every couple months).

Saturday Christopher and I had an online game at 11am and it ran til after 4.  In the middle of it, his sister and her husband (Colleen and Eric) from Long Island showed up!  It was so great to see them again (and my house didn't look horrible yay!).  They were in town to go to the funeral home for a friends' mom just like we were planning.  So we agreed to meet there. After our game, we got ready and left Rhiannon to babysit. She did very well, which was nice and let us relax and have fun.  You don't think of funeral homes as fun, but this was the mom of a good old friend and I knew there'd be tons of the old gang from that summer after highschool before we all parted ways... and there they were all in a big group when we got there.  Our friend, Billy was so shocked and happy to see us, it made it all worth it.  We'd not kept in touch with his mom like we ought to have, but we were not as close to the group as the rest.  They were actually my sister-in-law's age. Christopher and I were 3 years older and just hung out with them sometimes. Billy's Mom was always so welcoming to all of us though and fed us all when I'm sure there wasn't much to spare. We all had a great time talking and laughing about the good old days and telling stories about his mom. Great fun.  Afterwards, we had dinner with Colleen and Eric and my mother in law. So nice to see them again and talk about our kids and  swap stories of our daughters' boyfriends haha.

Then we said goodbye to them as they were heading out Sunday. Then we got icecream and snacks at the grocery store, went home and watched the BBC's new Sherlock again. We'd already seen it, but it was just as good the second time.

Today, I slept in late since I start back to work tonight, but Faelyn's boyfriend had come over to spend the day and Christopher was home.  So they all played the Wii together and played board games. Christopher even started the roast in the crock pot which I'd totally forgotten to do (I did thaw it out though!) .  he's a sweetheart!  He even cut up potato wedges and seasoned them and was baking them when I got up.  I made a salad and we all sat down to a big Sunday supper with the new fellow.  He's nice, but didn't eat anything!  Didn't even dirty his plate!  Later Faelyn said he was so nervous around me that he knew he'd be sick if he ate LOL!  Ok with me.  haha!

Tonight, work wasn't too bad. I was assigned where I like to work, and I finally figured out what's been slowing down my computer for the past 3 weeks, YAY!  AVG had a memory leak, so I just uninstalled it and got Avast. I shouldn't have the issue anymore now. Very happy.

So, here's the menu plan for this week. Saturday is grocery day, so I'll have a new menu later starting with that day.

Monday, 3/07/11:
Turkey(ground) chili with fries and mustard greens

Tuesday, 3/07/11
Turkey Spinach Enchiladas  with extra salsa and sour cream.

Wednesday, 3/09/11
Spaghetti (with ground pork), salad

Thursday, 3/10/11
Meat Loaf (1 lb ground turkey and 1 lb ground pork), mashed potatoes, green beans

Friday, 3/11/11
Zippy Chicken Stirfry, steamed rice

Well, time to go pack lunches. Sure was nice to not have to do that the last two mornings! But now it's back at it!  Laundry too.  Neverending.
Have a great day!!


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