A Pretty Laid Back Monday

The dogs woke me up an hour earlier than I usually get up. I decided that was a good thing and decided to stay up.  I noticed Christopher has left his phone here on the charger, so I decided on the spur of the moment I'd take it to him and pick up the cat food and cat litter I was going to ask him to pick up. I did my hair nice and put on makeup and a nice sweater and the new jeans he got me. He was so excited to see me and asked me to stay and have lunch with him. He was working a 9am-9pm shift so 3pm was his lunch break. He had the lunch I'd packed him and I got a burger.  We shared the fries. It was nice to see him at work again. I don't get out of the house much anymore, but when we were first married, even though I had little ones in tow, I'd usually go see him at work every day.  I had a fear of being without a car, so since we only had one, I'd drive him to work and go pick him up, dragging the kids with me.  Then I'd take him his food too. Of course back then I was a different person, I was really depressed, had no adult friends other than my hubby and felt trapped at home with the kids I think - and the older they got the more the house got trashed until I just hated being there... so I'd leave as often as possible.  Now, it takes a LOT to get me to leave my home. I love it and I keep it clean (mostly) and it's comfortable and feels like a home. Boy things sure have changed over the years.  Thank GOD!

Anyway!  After eating he walked around with me and showed me all the great deals and I got a ton of pants and a couple tops for Zoe and Faelyn who really need them. In fact I got to the checkouts and had to go back to pets dept because I'd forgotten cat food and litter which is why I went lol.  Rhiannon called and told me she needed a ride home from show choir practice.  They have a "4:00 bus" but only kids in tutoring and stuff like that get the bus passes.  Show choir kids don't. Totally not cool, but I'm not going to change their minds, so I went and picked her up then headed home.

I made a big pot of chili with fries and leftover greens. I put a couple little chunks of cream cheese in my chili,... oh so goooood!  It was reduced fat! hehe.

During my work breaks tonight, I folded and hung the load that was in the dryer from last night (if there's none of Hubby's dress shirts in a load, I don't mind it sitting in the dryer for a day. I know I'll get them done by the evening, so I don't fret about it.). I've run the dishwasher and straightened up some.  I had to keep pestering the girls to pick up after themselves and get their clothes. They never did come get them, but they will tomorrow (or they lose a phone mwhahahaha!)  I don't mind them hanging on the laundry sorter bar for a day or two and their cubbies can hole their socks and underwear for a while, but when I run out of room I get a bit testy and they don't like me in a bad mood, so I know it'll get done hehe.  They did already put their new clothes away (well I put Zoe's in her closet and drawers since she was out playing).

Christopher had an online rpg game that meets every Monday night, so he rushed online when he got home and did his whole geek out thing. I figure it's better than going out and getting drunk at the bar, so more power to him! LOL! (actually the thought of him even in a bar is laughable.  He'd be so out of place heh)

He did mention how wonderful it was to see me at work, and it was just like old times. Awww. :)  He's really excited that it looks like he's going to get his bonus at work afterall. If it's as much as we think, then it's going to mean we finally get a new vehicle.  And though I'd rather get one for cash so we can really be debt free this year, we might just have to finance one afterall. We've got to get something reliable. We're afraid we'll be having some funerals to go to soon unfortunately. His paternal grandmother is nearing 90 I think and his maternal grandparents are in their 80s as well and G-pa isn't doing very well.  We hope to get to go see them soon. If he gets his bonus, it'll be the middle of April, so not TOO far off. Have to have patience. (Never been good with that.)

Well, work is done and it's time to go unload the dishwasher, reload it if there's anything to go in it, then make and pack lunches, wipe down my counters, shine my sink and head to bed. Getting up earlier than normal is starting to get to me a little, can't wait to hit that pillow!

Have a great day y'all!