Really, I Promise!

I did do a little more organizing of my kitchen and I DID take photos of it all and was going to do a big post with tons of photos for this week's Kitchen Challenge, but my beloved wonderful 14 year old has taken my camera cord and I don't know where it is.  Also, one of them lost that little doohicky thing that has a USB plug and a slot for SD cards so I can just plug them into my computer (WHY don't desktops have those little built-in SD slots like laptops do? Huh??) 

So, as soon as she comes home from her friend's house I'll make her find it and I'll try to get the post done tonight on my breaks.


  1. Our desktop has card readers built in. Hehe. I know that doesn't help you at all though. I look forward to reading about it. I feel like I am always working in my kitchen these days. Thankfully, it's all pretty well organized and cleared out. Just a few more things to do - and that is hitting those hot spots that flare up all the time.


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