Teeny Tiny Progress

Well... it's coming along, but not as well as I'd hoped.  I wanted this to be one of those jobs that you get done quickly and look at the clock and have 5 minutes left on your timer.... yeah not so much.

So, here's the before:

and after the first cleaning spurt:

and now here's what it looks like.

Better of course, but not enough.  I do have a deadline now. we're having people over to play games tomorrow night, and we're going to move the table out to the living room. It kind has to be cleared off for that.
So, will everything be put  where it belongs  or will it all get dumped on my bed so we can move it? Hubby is off tomorrow, maybe he'll help since he did help put stuff ON the table. In fact that other side of it is mostly his gaming stuff. I've gotten almost all of my stuff and the kids' stuff off of it now.  Though I do still have to clear off the chairs and underneath it. I've got to promise myself not to let it get this bad again. AND I have to make sure the family knows it's not "The place to put stuff you don't want to deal with".

I'll try to remember to get new pics tomorrow as we clean it off. I hope my Flylady package comes soon. I ordered the purple rags and I want to clean that window while the table's moved.


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