I Survived The Weekend, Barely.

This is just a quick post.  I'm going to be posting again later with photos.

The house was a hot mess, but we got it all done except for the master bedroom. We didn't think anyone would have cause to go in there, and we were just too tired to worry about it. So, guess where all the girls end up, including one's mother who keeps going to check on her...  in my master bedroom ..CLOSET!



LOL I'd totally forgotten about the kittens being in my master closet floor, but of course that's the one place the animal loving kids wanted to be as well as one or two older girls who wanted to pretend they were little again or something haha.  I decided to just deal. We'd moved the table out and just kind of left everything where ever we could shove it.  I told them to please forgive the piles of dirty clothes and garbage and just plain junk everywhere. Then I realized there was no way to make them unsee it, just put it out of my mind and enjoyed the rest of the day.

We had 17 people here at one time, and it worked!  As soon as I get photos uploaded to my computer and edited, I'll do a big post on it, maybe a couple posts.

Our Easter was very laid back and quiet. Christopher had to work 12 hours, so we didn't go to church (we've not made it to the new one I want to visit yet because they've had him work like 10 of the last 12 Sundays  blech!! ). The girls found their baskets and were quiet about it and let me sleep a while since I had to work that evening. Faelyn wasn't feeling well, think it's allergies. We'd totally forgotten to dye eggs the week before, so we dyed them Sunday afternoon and had a lot of fun with that. I hid them as well as some plastic ones with money in them a couple of times.  They had fun, and I was glad it wasn't a stressful day with trying to make them look perfect or be somewhere on time or have to visit different family members.  I didn't even make a big dinner.  Since we had tons of cookout leftovers, I just grilled more hotdogs and hamburgers, and we had a great meal from that.

I was missing Mom a lot though. Easter always meant going to Mom's for a huge dinner and hiding eggs for all the grandkids and sitting around visiting with family. Since she passed away in 2005, the family did one more Easter all together at my sister's house, but then it was decided we'd all do our own thing for holidays since we all had families of our own, my brother even has 2 grandkids now. And my sister's kids are spread out in other states and they visit them. So, that just leaves my little family.  I hope that next year we can do something a little more spiritual and with all of us, but I'm ok with this year's.  I think it may turn out to be one of the more memorable ones cause it was just me and my girls and no stress.

Hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful Easter.
Be back later!