Quick Update

Sorry I've not been posting lately. Life just seems to get in the way of blogging sometimes.

My husband Christopher has been sent to Kentucky to manage a store there and will be back Thursday night, hopefully. Neither of our vehicles would make it, so we had to rent a car.  We had an extremely pleasant experience with Enterprise Rent A Car. Very impressed!  Also, fell IN LOVE with the rental car. It's a Nissan Versa.   Now Hubby and I are convinced we just need a nice economy car instead of another tank of a minivan. We rarely travel long distances, and if we do, we might just rent a minivan for that.  We'll see. But it's made car shopping a little more complicated now since there's more choices. Also his company has had issues with the manager bonuses and it looks like they'll be delayed. I'm seriously not thrilled. They won't even say how much they'll be yet. Sigh.

In good news,  Rhiannon made Advanced Chorus!!!!!  This is very difficult to get into.  My oldest, Corina tried all 4 years and never got in.  This year there were 2 Second Soprano slots open and Rhiannon got one of them!!  Her two best friends who are a First Sop, and an Alto didn't make it :(  That's sad, but I'm seriously proud of Rhiannon!  
And that's not all!  She also stepped up and approached the high school principal and asked to put up posters and organize the local National Day of Silence Event on Friday which promotes awareness for bullying of LGBT youth.  Someone's already torn down the posters and we've all let her know it's not going to be easy (including the principal).  We live in the Bible Belt, and people don't even want to *think* about homosexuals, much less the idea that their kids might go to school with one.  I'm so glad my kids are not narrow-minded.  I tell them to be more like Christ than other "Christians". I rarely meet a Christian who is anything like Christ in the Bible.  But that's a story for another time and place.
And there's more!!
Rhiannon was also picked to be on the high school Math Team for the local competition at the college.  This is a big deal and her dad was on the team for our high school!  He's super proud of course.  Well me too! :)

As for my house, it looks like a laundry monster exploded. I usually fold and hang it during work since the computer is right there and I can watch the screen, but work has been SUPER busy lately and it doesn't look to be slacking off, so I've got to tweak my system.  I have started fixing kids' lunches and putting them in the fridge as soon as they get home and give me their lunch bags. It just gives me less to do after work.  And this week, I have to get all the girls up and off to school, so any sleep I can get it good.

Well, that's it for now.  Have to get to work again. Hope you're all having a great week!