I've been wanting to get the pics uploaded and edited, but stuff happens. Tonight I've been too preoccupied with the massive storms here and south of us. I feel so terrible for those poor people in Alabama and other areas. As of the time I post this, there have been 135 tornadoes in the South today. It's insane!

I've been using Facebook as a way to keep updated on where things are happening around me thanks to a local radio station doing an amazing job at posting every tornado touchdown and warning. Currently there is one storm cell left to get through and it's thundering and raining now.

God has been so amazing and gracious in making the storms all go around us tonight.  We live in a trailer park, so we'd have to evacuate if things got bad here. But the kids are sound asleep, and the animals are all ok (except Meesha never came home tonight, but she's a multi-house-cat, so she's likely with another family).

It made me realize we are totally not prepared for a disaster, and I *really* need to get my s*** together and get this house cleaned up and organized again.  Thankfully we did have batteries in all the flashlights when power went out earlier, but two of our phones weren't charged and mine's not useable because I keep forgetting to call and fuss about the minutes not renewing. I didn't have emergency bags ready to go which I'd sworn I was going to do, but wasn't sure where to store them.  Well, I have to make this happen. Next time these storms hit, we may not be so lucky.