Wow nearly a week!

It's been nearly a week since I posted last!  That unusual for me! Well, I have a good excuse, it's been SPRING BREAK!  That means I haven't packed any lunches (Hubby got to eat out every day this week that he worked, courtesy of his boss giving him a gift.) and I went to bed right after work, so I could get up earlier and spend more time with my kids.

We haven't really done anything special together.  No real reliable transportation and I didn't want to just blow money on stuff for no reason.. and the weather was icky til today.  Friday was my first day off and my payday, and I had some money budgeted for clothes for the kids and some stuff for Zoe's room.  KMart has marked their women's and juniors clearance clothes to $1.99 each.  So, I got Rhiannon a bunch of stuff (she's a clothes horse), and Faelyn a few things.  Zoe's stuff wasn't on clearance yet (it is now and I went back today and got some stuff for the fall/winter in a size bigger), so I got her a clearance purse and arm warmers. Then we went over to Rue21 which has amazing clearance sales as well, and got Rhiannon an awesome black and white zebra print trench coat.  She's very much a fashionista, so it was perfect.

Then Saturday we'd promised them we'd spend some family time together, but we also had an online game we'd scheduled with friends in the UK and in San Francisco.  we went out to eat at a great new place we hadn't tried yet.  The Little Chicago Grill.  OMG it was so good.  Then we went to 3 new thrift stores I hadn't been to.  There are like at least a dozen thrift stores in this town, it's crazy but awesome!  I finally got Zoe new barbies.  She now has 6 Barbies! Yay!  Now she wants a Ken LOL.   And I got her a Digital Arts and Crafts Studio tablet at one thrift store.  These things are usually like $50 or more, and it looked like it was in great shape.  $3.99!  Got it home, plugged into my desktop, found the software at the Fisher Price site and it works like a dream.  My older kids are even jealous LOL. The 14 year old already wants a real tablet for her birthday so it's funny Zoe got one.

Thankfully the kids all have lots of friends here in the park, so as it started to warm up yesterday, they went out to play and visit. I also worked with Zoe and got her play kitchen/laundry set all scrubbed down.  It's been sitting outside in the back yard without any cover or anything for at least 3 years. 2 years here and I know it sat out at the old house. But it's all clean now. Missing some pieces of course and all the stickers and things have come off, but hopefully she can learn how to play pretend.

Zoe was the only home with us last night as Rhiannon slept at her friend's down the street. So, after dad went to bed, Zoe and I sat up and watched House Hunters hehe.  She fell asleep on the couch and I let her stay there.

Today, I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep, so I took Zoe with me and we went to KMart, but didn't get a chance to talk to daddy.  Sundays are busy for the manager since there's usually just one there. So, I got her a toy iron that makes steam noise and sprays water, a plastic dishes/tea set and some barbie clothes so they won't all be nekkid lol.  I also got 3 plastic tubs to go on the bench in the hallway to try to corral the mess the girls make with their backpacks and coats etc.

Came home to find my MIL here and she'd brought back Faelyn as well as two of her friends who had gone with her to help clean up her grandma's house. (She just had surgery, but is doing ok really).

Since it was so warm, I was tempted to turn on the AC, but we got all the windows open and cranked up the ceiling fan.

When Hubby got home after 4pm, he got the grill started and made his special hamburgers and grilled them and a couple packs of hot dogs while I made a couple side dishes. Then after dinner I had to get back to work online and doing laundry.  So, it's been a long week, an exhausting week really, just keeping up with everything the girls and all their friends have been up to.

Very glad it's April. Looking forward to nice warm days and nights, getting projects outside done, and gardening with my girls. So much to do!

Have a great week!