Better For Now, But Not Perfect

Ok, so Christopher and I talked about it. He's still not budging on the bedroom situation, and my 13 yr old isn't happy with the idea, and I'm sure Zoe wouldn't either - though she might since she prefers to have someone in the room with her.

But he did agree to have me move my workspace back to the bedroom.  I still don't have headphones, so no music and my shift break alarm needs to be low enough not to wake him, and I'm mostly in the dark other than the monitor and bathroom lights..  but those things can be changed this weekend.

The laundry room looks HUGE now. The laundry sorter sit into the space the desk had been in, and there was room next to it for the cubby holder too. So, now there's the full size empty hallway into the laundry room and then all that space to wash, dry and hang o fold clothes.  I still need to tidy up the areas.  It was time to log into work before it got all done, so there's still a mess.   I moved the desk to the kitchen where the island had been, and just moved the island to an empty spot in the living room for now. I'm sure when Corina picks an apartment, she'll need more counterspace. The apartment I looked at with her had a tiny kitchen.

But anyway, it feels so nice to be able to get up out of my chair quickly and go to the kitchen or bathroom without having to squeeze past the sorter, especially with dishes.  And if they're loud in the living room, I can shut the bedroom door and it gets a lot quieter. I was never able to do that in the laundry room.

I do worry that he's not going to be able to sleep as well with me in here, so I'll look at really doing what I can to make sure he is able to sleep through it. He has a CPAP machine plus I leave the bathroom vent on as a white noise.  Maybe I'll get another white noise machine for his bedside too. Going to look into making dark/heavy canopy curtains to go around the bed and figure out how to get them up there. I can find poles and stuff but not sure how to attach to the ceiling,  Not a lot of studs up there. I'll go to Lowes and try to think creatively.

Still not uploaded pics off the camera, but now that I have space to spread out and organize, maybe I can do that soon.