Hoping for the end of the down days

Hello all.  You may or maynot know, I'm more than a little moody. I don't really think I'm bi-polar, though I guess it's possible. I definitely see the patterns in down days and up days, and it's getting more pronounced the older I get as well, so maybe some day I'll go see a Dr about it...  but anyway, these last few weeks that I've barely blogged - those were down days.

I'm not exactly past them right now, but I kind of feel the fog lifting. I've blogged about this feeling many times. I guess I post about the feeling of the down days coming on too, but they tend to be more like rants than normal blog posts.

Just in case these days aren't quite over afterall, and I end up not blogging again for a long time, here's a little catchup post.

So, I told y'all about the big cookout party we had when the Doctor Who season premier was on BBCA. Seventeen people were here and people went into my bedroom which was a disaster area and I was so embarrassed, but then figured Oh well. Well, the bedroom is even worse now. The kittens and the mommacat have migrated to my office area. They are always underfoot. In fact just now I put laundry in the dryer (a huge feat for me to do anymore) and sat back down in my chair and it rolled and the cats had a hissy fit. Must have rolled over the fluffy mommacat tail or something. They're going to drive me to the crazyhouse.  Also mommacat has decided the Siamese, Meesha needs to die. She's got the poor thing too scared to even try to eat. I may have to put her own bowl in Zoe's room which is where she hides out.

Ok, so I blogged about the storms. I think the latest death toll in this county is 22.
It's so hard to believe it happened here.

Our van and truck still haven't gotten fixed.  So since Christopher had a Dr appt for his echo cardiogram an hour away, plus the girls had concerts, we rented a car from Enterprise. It just saves on so many headaches and gives us time to decide what to do about the vehicles.  So, his Dr appt went well apparently though they can't really discuss anything til he sees his Dr with the results. We got the results from his stress test and there's an abnormality, so he has to talk to his cardiologist. He's gained 40 lbs... it's not going to be good, I just know it.

Rhiannon's show choir and the jazz band performance was Monday night and she was so good. I'll get pics on here I promise. Maybe even a vid.  Then Tuesday night was Faelyn's choir performance. The middle school chorus had just won superiors at state. YAY!  And in fact the high school had 6 groups make it to state and they all got superiors! YAY! This town is all about it's talent. We'll have an American Idol some day, you'll see.  The Band Perry is from here.  Their dad is a doctor in town.  Anyway, Rhiannon also had another show choir performance Tuesday at the posh hotel in town for some annual meeting of some group in the ballroom. She said they sucked at that one, and they've been told the show choir will be doing a couple of numbers Friday night too.  Friday is their concert choir performance. The one where they get in their black satin dresses and tuxes and sing in Latin and stuff. So, now she has to do her dance numbers in addition to all that.  Well, her dad missed Monday's show, so he'll get to see her Friday.

So, we've been very busy transporting people to and from the Performing Arts Center for the concerts, so I was thankful to have the rental. Also, this week we decided the fridge wasn't just acting up in our imaginations.  It stopped cooling.  The freezer went first, then the fridge.  Thankfully we have the deep freezer, but not having milk and other perishables was not working, so I took the money that would have gone to my Mothers Day present and got a used fridge from the place we buy all our appliances.  It's just like the one we had when I was a kid, except Mom's was avocado green and this one is white.  They do not make them like they used to.  The shelves are all heavy duty metal wire with adjustable shelf brackets. Lots of drawers and compartments. HUGE freezer, and the door compartments are all still there (as opposed to my old fridge that had bungee cords holding the ketchup in the door.) It took 3 days before we could find time and get the truck cleaned out to get the fridge then there was the issue of getting it off the truck and into the house but we did it! Well, Christopher mostly did it.  We helped as we could. I got new milk and butter and put the ketchup and mustard and whatever else was still ok back into the "new" fridge. It's nice and cold and I like it. Who needs $2000 stainless steel fridges with climate control and filtered water in the door. I just need to keep my milk and cheese cold.

So, what else. The high school graduation is May 20th. Then kids are out for summer.  Crazy. I'll be glad I won't have to fix their lunches anymore and we can have some nice lazy days at home or the lake (if we get the stupid vehicles running).

One bad side effect of my down days is the budget.  I don't follow it, and instead rely on shopping therapy. The hole I've dug isn't as bad as it has been in the past, but things could have been a lot better than they are by now.  but I know I need to be patient. We'll get out of debt.  It's just a matter of a couple extra months, and it's ok. No beating ourselves up.  We need to enjoy life.

Well, I've been up since 11:30am on Wednesday and it's now 3:23 am on Thursday. I need to sleep.  Goodnight blogland.  If you're so inclined, please keep me and my family in your prayers, but more importantly the victims of the storms.