Photos! Well some anyway.

Warning, this post is full of large pics and it will kill your bandwidth. Just sayin'

I found my camera and the cord! Unfortunately it stopped staying on after a while. So I couldn't download all the pics off of it yet. I have an SD card adapter with the usb thingy but I'm too lazy to go over to the computer tower right now. I'll do it later. It's kind of hard to get to now - bad planning.

So, here's some of the pics I've talked about recently and never posted. They go back a ways actually.

Easter 2011
Zoe and Rhiannon dying eggs

Spring Concerts
Faelyn in Middle School Chorus doing 70s theme.
Faelyn and her boyfriend, Austin

Can you tell Faelyn's best friend is behind her hehe.

Rhiannon's high school Show Choir concert (She's the one in the black and silver dress.) (I do actually have a video of her dancing and singing, but the only photos I have are from the song she sat down in. )

Rhiannon and her best friend M. 
Rhiannon with her Dad after the concert.  He didn't get to go.

Rhiannon later in the week at the Spring Chorus Concert (3rd one up in the middle)

The High School Chorus did selection from Les Mis and dressed as French peasants.

These are Aja's kittens. Aja is Corina's cat who she didn't get spayed when we told her to.  She has moved into her own place and taken Aja and Grunt with her.  She'd better get them both fixed asap. But anyway, these are super cute kittens...
Milo.  He has been adopted by Faelyn's boyfriend and his family.  His sister is one of F's best friends as well. They had him spoken for early. When they got him, he was 7 weeks old and was HUGE.  He's gonna be a big cat.

Oscar. He's been adopted by Zoe's best friend's family down the street. They came and asked for one of the kittens right after they were born. Aja is a gorgeous cat, and her kittens were too. Oscar and Milo both had medium long hair.
Grunt! Originally he was named Walter and he was the biggest at birth, but Milo soon overtook him in size and he's just a shorthaired kitten, but man is he rambunctious! We thought someone was going to adopt him, but they got other cats instead.  But Corina finally got her own place that can take pets, so she took Aja and Grunt both so they'll each have company. 

Faelyn named this one as soon as she was born. She was such a cutie and was so so sweet. Unfortunately, I think she had Fading Kitten Syndrome from the start.  She hardly ever slept with the others and didn't always nurse when they did. She was growing and healthy and playful like the rest until about 6 weeks old. She lasted about a week before passing away.  No matter how much she tried to nurse or we bottle fed her or she ate canned cat food, nothing helped. She just faded away.  Rest in peace sweet kitty.

Sycamore Shoals
Christopher and the girls.

Me and the girls.

Statue at Sycamore Shoals

Fort Watauga at Sycamore Shoals

Fort Watauga
I have a lot more shots of Elizabethton and the fort's interior, but the camera is not cooperating.

Spring Cookout and Doctor Who Premier Party
Table all set up for gaming with all our friends. We had 15 people here at one time that day. 

My kitchen is clean and ready!  I don't think it's been this clean since and that was ... 4 weeks ago?

Just one shot of the food being consumed hehe.  Some of the people there don't like their pictures taken so I snuck in one pic of backs of heads heh. There wasn't a single flat surface in my kitchen not covered by some kind of food. We had tons of stuff on the grill that people had brought plus what we had, then potato salad, slaw, salad, fruit, chips, chili, fixins, baked beans, then a dump cake and ...
Banana Pudding! mmmm

Corina's 19th Birthday cake! She came over after work for the cookout and cake and ice cream, then crashed on the couch in the middle of the party heh.  

So, there we have it.  Just some of the photos from the past couple of months. We actually have people coming over tomorrow, last minute spur of the moment kind of thing and my house doesn't look ANYWHERE near as clean as the pics here. Oh well. A quick vacuum and swish and swipe in the bathroom and just make sure the kitchen floor isn't sticky and we should be good. The pantry's bare, so I told them to bring food.  I'll be glad to cook it and eat it with them hehe.

I have decided I like the kitchen table there. I don't think I'll ever be happy with the furniture arrangement in this house.  The living room still bugs me a lot, and I want more couches so our friends and the kids' friends cane come over and hang out and be comfortable. Unfortunately, the couch money went to buying that gas guzzling SUV we bought. and June's extra money is all going to the trip to see C's grandparents in FL. So, maybe in July I can afford some Craigslist couches heh.  I hope so.

Anyway, It's WAY past the time I should have been in bed, so I'd better go.  Have a great and SAFE Memorial day weekend!!!


  1. You are so lucky that your girls can sing. :) Do they get their talent from you? My mom is tone deaf, I am a horrible singer, my husband can hold a tune but so far my girls seem to have taken after me.;p

    Those kitten pics are cute- especially Milo. I am glad you found homes for them all.

    I love summer and cook outs. Your's looked like fun. Did you make that banana pudding? Bananna pudding just screams "summer" doesn't it?

    We tried banana pudding from the deli once- Yuck! Homemade is better.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi ladybugs! Oh goodness no, I can't sing a note, but my husband was in chorus til he moved to TN in his Junior year of highschool. He's really good actually, and they all take after him. They also have had extraordinary chorus and music teachers in their schools. This town is very much into drama and chorus and band etc. I kind of wish our Show Choir was more like Glee lol. We just got Wii Glee Karaeoke and they're constantly playing. I'm hoping to get a Rockband or two now as well so they'll have more songs to sing - not crazy about the instruments all over the place, but I guess I can deal if it gets all the girls to play together. I just sit and watch. I've always wished I could sing though. I really envy people who can.
    Oh yeah I made the banana pudding. My husband hates bananas and would never eat it til a co worker made one once that he loved. Turns out she had accidentally gotten a box of sugar free white chocolate pudding instead of two vanilla puddings. So, now I make it with a vanilla and a white chocolate and he'll eat a whole bowl of it lol. We're hoping to go to the lake tomorrow for swimming and grilling hotdogs and just doing a lot of nothing.


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