Wanting to be more optimistic.

I'm trying to think positively. Dwelling on the bad and the "what ifs" is not healthy. 

Today I went to Lowe's to look at the laminate countertop sheets they carry, because I thought it would be the best and cheapest way to redo mine.  I found one I really like and the pattern/color also comes in the 6' long molded countertops that have the built in backsplash. So, while looking at these (which were really inexpensive considering the price of the real stone stuff), I decided to just look around and price how much it would be to finally put in a wall of base cabinets for more counterspace on that bare wall in my kitchen (it currently holds our deep freezer and the kitchen island). I found 36 inch base cabinets in solid oak that were unfinished for just $124 each, so I could get the 6 ft of cabinets to go with the 6ft stock countertop for only $248, plus the countertop which was $50, and the laminate to cover the existing countertops which was about $55, plus paint and primer to paint all the cabinets including old ones, white. Add the glue and rollers etc to install the laminate, and the yellow paint for the kitchen walls... and I figure I can redo my kitchen for approx. $500-$600. That's AWESOME!!  So, that's on my to-do list this year.  I can save some here and there and get that much in not too long I think. Hopefully before summer's over.

in addition, I am so excited I hit the jackpot (literally!) with my company rewards this month.  They give out tokens based on performance record for the month (or they DID It's been discontinued). Then there are flash games you can play with the tokens to win points which turn into cash on a debit card they sent us. It's very cool and was an awesome way for them to show us their appreciation. I hate that it's over, but it was nice that they sent out a big bunch of tokens this week as a parting gift or something since it's ending.  So, I played the games to get my points hoping I'd get near $100 at least to help with groceries or get something for the house... well I actually hit the jackpot and got over $600!!!  So, I'm using that (hopefully it'll be available tomorrow) and a little more I already have set aside to put down on the Explorer we've decided we want.  I do have to wait to see how the Big Visit goes at Hubby's work, but I want to stay positive! 

Also, we have 3 kittens about ready for new homes, but one is very sickly and can't nurse.  I'd expected to find it dead several mornings already, but it seems to be a fighter and we're feeding it wet catfood and trying to get it to take droppers of milk. It was getting stronger, but seems to be weaker today.  want to stay positive about her too.  Such a sweet kitty.

Hope you all have a great day!!