Days Go By

I was sitting here working tonight and Keith Urban's song Days Go By came on. It kind of struck home.

I was reminded I go day in and day out thinking about the next day or next week or month and don't appreciate the present, the here and now.

It made me think back to summer days as a kid when each day was long and filled with adventures. Living on the family farm, I would be out in the sun splashing around in the swimming hole at Granny's house down the road, riding my bike on the dirt road, fishing in the creek that ran by my house, or playing with matchbox cars with my cousin in the cool shade of the rows in the corn field.

As I got older, there were evenings spent meeting friends in town and cruising in our cars, driving backroads, washing the dust off the car, and still some days were just spent fishing or swimming or just laying in the grass watching the clouds float by.

I cannot remember a time as an adult that I've really done anything quite so laid back....  I really miss driving back roads and smelling fresh cut grass, or the smell of the dirt roads after a rainstorm...  I think I've only been fishing twice since I got married.  My husband was totally not interested, and I didn't have the knack for getting fish off a line that I apparently had when I was a kid - that's really not as easy as it looks!

My days are spent indoors 90% of the time anymore.  I work online, most of my friends are online, most of my entertainment is online since I prefer British shows and stuff hard to find in the US even on BBC America. Plus the communities of fans that I identify with.

But I REALLY miss the freedom, the carefree days, the sights, the smells...  I still live in East Tennessee, but I don't FEEL it.

I wish we were in a position to get the trailer paid off, buy a piece of land in the country and move to where I hear jar flies in the evening,... where the nights are lit up by lightning bugs instead of the traffic and factories all around us.  But since we can't do that, I think I need to find a place to go lay in the grass and watch the clouds float by. Thankfully my kids have Rural Resources activities which allow them to really get out there and work on a farm and experience everything. Still there's nothing like growing up on a farm.  I just wish my own kids could have experienced it.


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