Hi people! Things are going ok around these parts lately.  Not terrific, but OK.

Hubby completely forgot about making sure I don't spend any money, but fortunately (or unfortunately) a "delayed debit" card as I like to call it has not been working lately like normally, so it's actually kept us from spending much of anything and has allowed me to get back into the habit of NOT going shopping.  I find it a challenge to see how many days I can stay at home and not spend a dime.

I'm pretty caught up on all the bills except the house payment.  That's like the worst possible one to get behind on, but it was that or have a ton of people breathing down our necks and repossessing things. I know I can pay it with my next check, but that's my last check before our trip to FL. Hubby will have another one before we go, but that's the time of month all the little annoying bills come due and autodraft.

Anyway, we'll figure something out. We just need gas to get there and money to eat along the way.  We can always pack a couple of coolers and stow them in the back of the SUV. I don't have enough PTO to cover all 4 days I'll be gone to FL, so that's a pain.  I *could* work a couple nights while I'm there, but I don't know how well that would work out. We'll see.  At least our paychecks go thru direct deposit the night before we leave to come back home, so that'll be nice.

I am Kind of worried about the new-to-us SUV.  When we test drove it we checked under the hood and the coolant thingy was empty, so we mentioned it and he had it looked at when he had other stuff fixed for sale.  he said the radiator hose had not been reattached properly when they'd worked on it before, but it was good now.  Well, after we drove it for a week or so, when I pulled into the driveway it started making that boiling noise under the hood.  We checked and the coolant thing was empty again. So we got a jug of coolant and filled it.  I've not checked it since then, and it does kind of smell funny, sweet like coolant all the time, but no more boiling.  Not happy about this with a drive to FL in the summertime coming up, but we can't afford to get it looked at first. Though we may have to FIND the money for that.  I don't want to be paranoid for the whole trip. That would suck.

I'm going through TV withdrawals. My two fave shows Bones and Doctor Who have both had their season or mid-season finales and won't be back til the fall.  *cries*. Hubby and I both love Franklin and bash though so we have that, and Torchwood is coming back.  I need to go back and watch the older episodes. I don't recommend F&B or Torchwood for any conservatives out there. They'd both probably be PG13 or maybe R on a movie screen heh. But I'm FAR from conservative.

I've discovered Tumblr and I am addicted. Mine is http://chaoticredhead.tumblr.com/  but if you're not into my TV shows, you won't care.

Work is getting seriously messed up.  LOTS of new stuff we have to do and I'm freaking paranoid I'm going to do something wrong on this new thing that they watch like Big Brother - and I mean the George Orwell kind! They're supposed to be hiring 4 new people, so I hope we get some relief soon, but with 3 shifts running 24/7... we simply need more staff. I still mutter under my breath that I need my own office. Oh well.  I'm actually considering getting one of those rent-to-own wooden garden shed with cute little porches and windows and doors that look like adult sized playhouses.. then run electric out to it and put in a window AC, a ceramic heater and a mini fridge and I'll be good to go. ... well til I have to go to the bathroom and it's raining outside...  sigh.  Someday ..someday, I'll be important enough to have my own office where I can work in peace since I do actually make 2/3 of his paycheck which isn't anything to sneeze at, considering where we were financially just 5 years ago. But WHATEVER.  Martyr time is over. for now! LOL

I have tons more crap to ramble on about but you don't want to hear it that bad heh.  Oh I do have MONSTER tomato plants. In the past I've never been able to get them to thrive so I got a bunch and planted them all in the raised bed with everything else. Figuring law of averages would give me one good plant... well they all became HUGE and have taken over the bed so the other stuff isn't doing well now.  I've staked them and tried to contain them, but I honestly didn't think they'd do well so I didn't cage them and now I regret it.  Next year I'll know better.

Ok now I'm done!!  Can you tell I'm on a manic day?  Wish I could channel it into cleaning, but instead I'm on Tumblr and playing FB Zuma. Eh people have clean underwear, that's wall that really matters.

have a great day!!


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