Look Who's Back!

OMG y'all I'm posting again!  *gasp*

I'm slightly obsessive over things... have ya noticed? LOL   well, I recently have discovered Tumblr.  Yeah I had zero life til the novelty wore off.  It's such an amazing thing for someone like me who totally fangirl squees over things like Doctor Who and Bones and Primeval and stuff.  So I've been doing that.

Also been watching a little Supernatural trying to get into it.  I know it's going to get really good, but I don't know if I can keep stomaching the bad stuff each week... it's either Silence of the lambs SCARY or Saw GROSS.  But dang those guys are HOT!

This is when my 40 (almost 41!!) year old self turns into a 22 year old fangirl freak.... well that's almost every day really.  I still have all my scrapbooks I made from magazine and TV guide clippings from Indiana Jones, Star Wars (HUGE Harrison Ford fan YUMMO!)  and other weird stuff... I like that I never really lost that side of me and it really helps me identify with my girls more.  I might not squee over Green Day and anime, but I totally know how they feel.

So,.. about the house stuff (since most of my readers are not the fangirl-squeeing-over-British-dudes types),  ladies I gotta tell you, I about lost it.  Mentally I mean.

I guess I told y'all I moved my office out of the laundry room and onto my husband's game table in his "man cave" side of the bedroom that I'd made from him when he went out of state on business last November...   I'd done it because my millionth request to switch rooms around so we'd have the other side of the house and the girls could have the master bed room as a dorm room... was declined AGAIN.  He has some weird hangup about this, and I know my husband... it's best to just let him have somethings his way.  if you know an OCD person, you know what I mean.  So, that's why I took over his table... but O M G!

It was terrible.  The table was right in front of the door, so when you came into my room, you went by the table (and my desk chair) and if stuff needed to be put down, it went onto the table. This was the collect-all-spot for EVERYTHING. Besides that the rest of the room was in a shambles.  I'd installed hanging curtain rods like a sort of half canopy blocking light from my computer and lamp from the bed so he could sleep... they looks so janky.  The drapes were really nice, but the whole half canopy weird curtains in the middle of the room was not working for me.

So, I got Christopher and had him close his eyes and imagine what the bedroom looks like in his mind, then walked him eyes closed to the bedroom door and had him open them.  He shrugged. I said, "it's not working."  He's like "What isn't? It's messy yeah... so?"   *facepalm*

So he went back to watch TV and I sat... and planned.... and schemed...
 And then we CLEANED and moved furniture. And now, it's awesome.

The game table has become my workspace almost completely. He still has his big leather office chair at one end with enough room for his books and laptop. The whole rest of the table (and this is a huge farmhouse table)  is MINE! I felt bad taking away the mancave thing I'd done for him... for about 5 minutes.  I mean he didn't use it.  Didn't take care of it or appreciate it.  He never set up his miniatures and plan his games with them on it or anything... it just collected junk.  So I'm very very cool with taking it for myself. It's now over in the corner where the bed originally was when we first moved in here (TWO AND almost A HALF YEARS AGO,... can you even freaking believe it's been that long?? wow)  Anyway, it's perfect cause I am not bothered or jostled by people walking by at all.  The TV is behind me and facing the other side of the room so not a distraction at all.  The bed is now where the table was, and though the pillow are like in a window now, it works.  In fact it might be where it's supposed to be cause there's a plug on either side for lamps and clocks. There's even room for some old chairs and C's folding laptop table at the foot of the bed and plenty of room to walk around them.  The dogs love the empty floor space we've found.

That old cushion-top ottoman I could never get him to part with is back in the living room and is perfect... sorta.  It sits right in front of the TV so the kids can sit on it and play video games or scoot around and use it to play games at the coffee table or just chat to whoever's on the couch or at the dining table.  And when they want to play Just Dance or the Glee singing game they can scoot it out of the way.  Now I KNOW I rearranged the living room before because they kept scooting the coffee table into the doorway for that reason, but that's not happening with this one, it gets scooted backwards.  I just have to train them to scoot it back into place when they're done.

Y'all, I was so scared I was going back into that downward spiral that I just could not bear to have to go through this summer.  Thins just felt totally out of control, but just rearranging the master bedroom so I have my own real space... it's made SO much of a difference. You can probably tell I'm all excitable and manic,.. but in a good way (when not addicted to Tumblr lol).

OH! and get this!  I was totally caught up on laundry when we tackled the bedroom... so while my laundry room is now piled with clothes that had just been piled up in my room,... it's not the end of the world.  I should have had them done by now, but I've just not done much on it this weekend.  I'll get back to it tomorrow.

Also, remember my fridge died?  I think I posted about that.  And I lived without one for a little while and hated it.  Well, I got another one right, an old one that's like Mom's old one with metal adjustable shelves I thought would last for years... WRONG.  It lasted just over 30 days.  And it had a 30 day warranty. Huh.  I got it working again once, but then it died again.  Dead. So, with this trip coming up and the house payment slightly late and a bill collector breathing down our necks... it wasn't looking good.  Then I remembered my oldest daughter Corina and her fiancee had a mini fridge in their room at his place and moved it with them into their new place but hadn't planned on using it.  So I called, and she said I could use it!   I went to get it and it was still taped up from the move a month ago.  I asked if it was indeed cleaned out first and she was like sure!  How many 19 year olds do you trust?  Don't.  O M G  the most horrific smells I've ever smelled was all over my house when I SUPIDLY opened it INSIDE my house.  I'm an idiot. I'm not going to describe it, but yeah GROSS.  Now the fridge itself is spotless, it was just the one container.... ugh.  So anyway, I aired it out, sprayed and sprayed Lysol. Put A&H in it and FINALLY got to go grocery shopping! I can only get half gallons of milk, but that's ok. I found one on markdown for $1. I didn't get much salad stuff, but we still had celery, a pepper and lettuce that was salvagable from the old fridge.  Which leads me to...

I just wish Mom was alive so I could tell her!!!  The big competition between my Mom and Granny every year was to try to get a ripe home grown tomato before the 4th of July.  I'm still in shock. The others are all still green, but this one tomato is just out to prove to me that I can DO SOMETHING... like grow tomatoes!

I haven't picked it yet. I'm gonna get it tomorrow and put it in the salad. I do need to go buy salad dressing though... it all went bad.  Oh well, not the end of the world.

Only other cool thing to blog about is that Rhiannon was invited and went with her best friend and her mom to NYC and was taken care of the whole time, all expenses paid (cause her friend's rich) and they saw How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.. starring Daniel Radcliffe! They had an apt between the theater district and Times Square! Oh and get this... one of the reasons the Mom went was because she wanted to get an iPad2 for her husband (a Pulmonary Surgeon - thus the richness) for Fathers Day at the huge Apple store there... and they Were SOLD OUT hah.  I thought it was funny... one of those First World Problems.

Anyway, that's it so far.  Some bad stuff, some cool stuff, some obsessive stuff, some awesome stuff. Pretty much my life.

Til next time!! Maybe I'll have pictures of the new workspace!!