And then there was a good day...

Maybe it's because I got it out of my system with my rant last night or maybe it's just time for us to have a good day. Whatever the reason, I'll take it.

I sat down with the budget book again and wrote down all the stuff we HAD to pay and subtracted it from our income this week... and after we decided to just send $200 of the house payment, the rest of the budget started looking doable.  We'll go into overdraft, but we shouldn't go past the limit for paying things. I had forgotten about Christopher's normal meds which we get 3 months of at a time and just happen to need to be refilled now.  They cost about $135 (not counting his Plavix which we get during another month so we don't have them due all at once. Plavix costs about as much as the rest all put together.) But, still even with getting that filled, we should still be ok.

The next check will mainly be a normal bill period except for covering the over drawn amount and paying the other $300 of July's house payment... and this time we won't be behind on other stuff or have a trip to Florida.. so it *should* be doable.  In addition, getting a used fridge (or fixing one of our broken ones), getting Rhiannon's shoes she's dying to have and her passport so she can go on a cruise with her best friend's family (- she said that's what she wants for her birthday heh.) There's even going to be some money for Bask To School supplies (no new clothes yet).

Then the middle checks in August will finally be where we get mainly back on track. While we'll still have cash advances for a bit, we will be able to get the girls some school clothes, and I should be able to put the down payments on both big trips.  Rhiannon's chorus class is going on a cruise in the spring, and Faelyn's class is going to DC.

I'm even allowing myself to look forward to our 20th anniversary in October. We want to do so much, like stop in Charleston and Savannah and see the sights, then go on to FL to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It's expensive (for us), but after so many years of barely acknowledging our anniversary, I think it's time we celebrate it.

Speaking of Harry Potter, I found a little room in the budget to take the family to a matinee to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 tomorrow. I'm hoping we can find Part one on On Demand and watch it together before we go so we remember what was going on. I'm taking a pack of tissues... I know I'll need them. I cried all through the book!

So, to those of you who were praying for my weird little family, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!  I really feel like something's changed, something's new. I really appreciate it!!