Feeling a bit blah this week.

I'm having a pretty rough week mentally.  My ADDness is out of control. I'm sleeping 10-12 hours and waking up feeling like I've not slept at all. I know it's going to be like this forever, but I'm trying to get through it without being a real B***h.

I finally got the guts to ask Christopher if he'd be okay with going to Myrtle Beach for our 20th anniversary.  We originally wanted to go to England, but we decided before last year was over that wasn't going to happen.  Then we wanted to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, but I'm just not up for another drive that far and we'd likely have to stay with his grandparents at least one night cause the hotels in the parks are so expensive... then we decided ok we'd do Charleston and Savannah, but the more I research it, the more I see how expensive that sort of trip is.

Myrtle Beach however is actually pretty cheap off season. I found an amazing oceanfront hotel with a kitchen in the room and a king size bed in a bedroom and a sleeper sofa, for 3 nights for less than $200 total. He wants to go to Medieval Knights or whatever that dinner theater place is called, and the rest of the time I'd be happy just spending hours on the beach and walking the boardwalk. The temps in October are supposed to be around 77 degrees in the air and 72 in the water.  Aaaaahhhh.  Sounds good to me!

So, that's helping my lookout and lightening my mood a little.

We've just had such a problem with money lately that it's getting REALLY discouraging. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel, but then things happen due to my being:
A. Unorganized
B. Stupid.
I't making it hard on the whole family. The first part of the year, we were doing well, and I was able to do things with and for the kids. I always kept the pantry and freezer fully stocked. The kids never once whined or complained there was nothing to eat... now it's about all I hear.  They're not starving, but they're feeling the pains of being poor right now and I hate that.

I just recalled I always wanted to vent about the fact that I'm trying to get onto day shift at work.  I was offered the ability to have my normal days off and work day shift instead of evenings since I was next in line for that... but I declined because my family preferred me on evenings.  But I know I NEED to be on days for ME.  I don't want to be a martyr about it, but I'm really sick of this schedule.  I'm sick of not getting to spend evenings with my husband and family, or go walking at the park like I used to and want to do again...
Anyway, our Admin lead asked recently for everyone's availability and preferred shift.  We've since emailed back and forth and it looks like I'll have to work Fridays either way, but might just be able to get this worked out.  I'm hoping for Nights Sundays, then Days Mon-Wed, Off Thur, Days Fri, then off Sat.  That'll give me a 48 hour weekend and off Thursdays. But I've not heard from him in a while.   It's making me anxious. I want off this schedule, but I don't want to be too bummed if I don't get off of it...

If I were in good shape, I'd go run 5 miles....


  1. Oh Patty my dear sweet sister in Christ, I am praying that God will make the situations more bearable as you guys make your way through. It may seem like you are going through so much right now but that means that God is truly getting you guys ready for a great blessing because you guys are fighting to keep your head above water. Please don't let the devil have the victory hold on to God's hand let him lead the way yes it may seem hard and sometimes it feels as if he does not even hear us when we pray but he is always there and his timing is perfect.....The devil's job is to take away our faith and to do that he messes with our lively hood through our jobs, our money, through bills, and through our children. But to God be the glory you and Chris are going to come up and be blessed and I know that it seems tough now but I feel the reason you guys have this going on in your lives right now is not because you are not organized (We all still have to pay bills and not enough money to pay them all lol) and you are NOT STUPID my dear friend all have struggled) but you guys are struggling so that when God brings you out and on your feet with a smile on your faces you guys will be able to help someone else by telling your story to others about how you guys struggled and God brought you out and just by telling people your story it will encourage them to hold on and wait for the Lord's timing. I am in prayer for you and your dear family dear sister...Just hold on just a little while long God is in the blessing business and he has a blessing with your whole families name on it.....Love your sister in Christ Jesus DeNiece

  2. Thank you so much DeNiece. Your comment made me cry and smile. Sometimes I totally lose sight of that and don't go to God and just hang onto Him... especially on my bad days - which is when I need Him most. Thank you SO MUCH for this comment. I needed it more than you know, and I know God is working through you.


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