Finally pics of the cleaned off desk.

It's not a huge project, but I was so proud I got off my franny and got it done, I wanted to prove it to Blogland.  In fact I am now linking up with Nony at A Slob Comes Clean  . For those of y'all coming over here from there, forgive the pics, I work at night and a lot of my pics are shot after dark.

This was the before - I'd recently moved it to this spot and it was organized til I tried setting up a second computer for work, but nothing worked and I got frustrated and left it all a mess.

Now these after pics I took on my break tonight while working, so they're DARK.  sorry.

I know it still looks a mess, but I just don't have any pretty organizational things right now. Maybe someday. I also want a shelf or two on the far wall over the tower. But it works for now and it's all within reach. The stuff to the left there is Hubby's stuff.

These are my binders I use a lot. I'm afraid I used the budget one more than the Home Management Binder.  I've really got to get back in control of my house. Oh I meant to put my big Martha Stewart book of Housekeeping here with the binders. I'll go do that after this posts. I figure seeing it might inspire me haha.
I also put my blue plastic crate on top of a box so it's up level with my monitor. That's where incoming bills go, so I know where to find them.  Then when I go out to pay bills, I stick them in that Bill Organizer binder.
I also really need to file a bunch of the stuff in my Command Center Filing Basket. I used to have the command center in the kitchen, but with the kids home all summer, my kitchen's been like a war zone. They need to go back to school so I can clean my house! (I really do love them though hehe)

All the stuff that had been in little baskets in the old desk drawer were just cluttering up the tabletop of my new workspace, so I got this organizer with drawers from Faelyn.  She had two of them and only used one. It holds all the little stuff and post-its etc. The little thing there that looks like a cooking pot is a timer my grandma-in-law gave me. It helps a lot when I've got dinner cooking but have to be in here working.  I can't always hear the microwave timer.

Corina's fiance Tyler got me this little purple trash can for my birthday.  He said he's seen the wrappers when I eat a bag of Hugs LOL! It's perfect for that! The little blue basket holds Ibuprofen, hand lotion, nail clips, and receipts I've not yet put into the check register.

See it's dark, and this is with the overhead light and my lamp on and the flash lol. No wonder I need glasses. I  didn't leave the overhead on too long. Hubby is on the other side of the room asleep.   I think it's a cozy setup. Not as gorgeous as some offices I've seen on blogs, but it works for me.
That red basket is a catchall for incoming mail that's not bills and I keep my box of checks in it. I'm hoping to not allow it to overflow.
Porchie is very glad I cleaned off my desk. He can get to his corner a lot easier now! haha

Tomorrow (Saturday), I am taking Rhiannon to the big town nearby to properly celebrate her birthday (you know - with money). It's payday and we we're able to afford to get her anything last weekend when it was actually her birthday.  She wants a certain pair of heels from Rue21, a certain book in a series she's reading, and a couple of sketchbooks.  Then lunch and starbucks with her Mom. I think I can manage that. I just have to promise myself to stick to the birthday budget.

I also need to do back-to-school supply shopping for the girls.  I've let them know, no new school clothes til we're out of this hole.  So another month at least.  To be honest, it's still so hot the first month back, they won't be wearing anything new and fancy for a while anyhow. August is the hottest month here, usually above 100 for a couple weeks at least, and school starts back on August 8th. I wish they started later and got out later, but it's a Southern thing.

Have a great weekend y'all!  I'm trying to keep my chin up and not allow hormones and emotions to win the battle. I'll keep praying God gets me through this and gets us all out of this slump so I can praise how amazing He is and how looking back I will be able to see His hand in it all, leading us through it.  Cause I always do.  I wish I could see God's path in front of me while I'm on it, but I sure can see the path behind me later!

Your bloggy friend,

PS. Don't forget to check out Nony's site!

A Slob Comes Clean


  1. It looks great Patty! Very organized~ I hope you had a fun day shopping with your daughter. I enjoyed MommyKatie days as my mom always called it. Even when I was 32 yrs old! It never gets old and creates special memories.

  2. Thanks Kate! We did have a great time out together and found some amazing clearance deals. We get a long really well, and had a lot of fun.

  3. I agree, it does look good. I think it is totally sweet that your kitty likes to lay down on your desk while you work. So cute. :)

  4. Well down for all the clearing - isn't it just great when you have a workable desk- I can barely see the top of mine at the minute! Praying you get through this slump, glad you had a great Mum and daughter day!

  5. When you said it works for you, you said it all!

    Great job, and it totally cracked me up that you turned on the light to take a picture while your husband was sleeping. Har-dee-har-har-har! I think there should probably be a support group for husbands of women who blog!

  6. Here from Nony.

    I love the idea of reclaiming that space behind your monitor by raising the box behind it and it looks like a lovely working space, too.


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