I got new glasses!

Hello y'all!

I have been waiting for July for several reasons, like the 4th, and birthdays, but also because our new vision insurance took effect on July 1st yay!

My old glasses which I got in October 2009 had a broken temple for about a year before I finally was able to replace them.  I was able to superglue it back on ok for a few months, but recently, I've had to wire them together and then superglue the wire in place.  Where it broke, there's nothing to really attach it back with. Plus I ended up getting a couple streaks of superglue on the left lens.

Me before:

So finally yesterday I was able to get an appt for a new exam with the eye dr next to lenscrafters in the mall, and then got my glasses picked out and then made in an hour!  I went back and forth on the anti reflective lenses.  I had lived without them for two years and was used to normal lenses, plus the AR lenses would take 7-10 days to get back and cost $45 more.  Since I had good insurance and can get a second pair later on (probably sunglasses) I decided to just get the normal lenses and get my glasses that day.

The sales lady was surprised I picked these frames, but I knew going in there that I wanted something bolder and less boring than then ones I had. I considered ray bans and cats eye, but Christopher kept vetoing the solid black ones that I loved. He kept showing me ones I hated. Finally, we found one we both liked and they were really comfy, so I got them! They're by Vogue.

See the bling on the side? I love the black part and he loves that the orange goes well with my autumn hair and complexion etc... and they match my purse LOL!

I still think they're big for my face, but maybe it's cause I'm not used to them. I also think one ear is lower than the other, cause in most pics they looked crooked. Haha I've got a talent with finding faults :P    Anyway they're way better than the ones I had before, and I do feel a bit hipster with them. Christopher bought me a brown straw porkpie hat with some bling on it at Charming charlie in the mall and I wore it around the mall with the glasses and to other stores before we went home.  I had people staring LOL. The hat is rather eye catching, but at least I didn't feel blah and boring anymore Haha!  I was the fat lady in the funky glasses and flashy hat!  Next time I wear an outfit with the hat, I'll get a pic!

What do you think? Suit me, or no?  Too big? Huge mistake? Let me have it!


  1. Hi! I've never posted but I'm a follower. I LOVE the glasses! I think they fit your face great and look super cute! Nice choice =)


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