I had a hunch.

I had a hunch that I needed to plug in that old fridge we'd just bought a couple months ago that died after a month. It's still sitting in the kitchen and has been unplugged since it stopped cooling. I keep thinking maybe the guy would give us a good deal on a repair bill since he just sold it to us, and besides he'd be familiar with what might be wrong with it since he'd repaired it and resold it to us.  Then I remembered the time our dryer died and we took it to his shop and he called the next day and said there was nothing wrong with it.  It started right up. (I'm convinced it was the lint sensor.) Well, I didn't want to haul a fridge all the way to his shop for him to tell me it works fine...  so I plugged her in and went about my day. That was early yesterday or the day before. I didn't think much of it, dreading opening it and finding it was still warm.  It was also growing mold since it had been sealed and sitting warm in my kitchen for a month. I opened the freezer first, figuring it would be quickest to check if it really wasn't cold... and it was!  My hand felt the stinging cold of the freezing metal shelf! Then I checked the tiny thermometer we'd kept in the fridge and it was somewhere around 30 degrees. 

Well, we didn't want to get too excited. It had already died on us once, then started working again and then died again.  So, I filled some ice cube trays and put them in the freezer part and set some warm drinks in the fridge part. As of today, I finally took all the shelves out and scrubbed them in hot soapy water and washed down the fridge itself to get it all clean again and put all the food in it. I still have the mini fridge and it's still on, just in case.

But I made a salad!!! And then I was able to out the bowl in the fridge!  Seriously, try living with just a mini fridge with a family of 5.  I do not recommend living that way.  Tonight I made sandwiches for my Hubby's lunches for the rest of the week and put them into a crate/basket labeled "Dad's Lunches" so the kids won't eat them. I made a big pitcher of iced tea.

I thanked God for all the blessing we have and for having my fridge work again.

Oh also, in other news, we located our lawnmower.  Our neighbor who we told could borrow our lawnmower whenever she needed it cause she'd been cutting her whole lawn with an old weedeater... well she'd seen some boy she didn't know skulking around our back yard and had run him off once, then put the lawnmower in her shed which she says looks locked but isn't really, so we can get the mower when we need it. YAY! Unfortunately after we learned that Faelyn's boyfriend's bike had been stolen (he lives in town), it occurred to me that we hadn't seen Rhiannon's bike lately.  So, I sent her to find it and put it on the back porch... but it was gone. When the girls asked around someone said they'd seen some boy with it and from a description, they figured out who it *might* be here in the park, but could not find the bike.  I got her that bike for her 14th birthday, less than 1 year ago...  It wasn't a cheap one either.  A beach cruiser with cushy seat and leather cup holder and basket on the front and rack on the back...  The girls used it to go to the store for me quite often. I'm really very upset that it's happened. I've not reported it stolen, but I think tomorrow I'm going to see if I can find the paperwork for it, like the warranty and all that and have that info ready and then call the cops about it. I doubt we'll ever get it back but I want the cops to know something's going on.

Well, other than going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 and crying til my eyeballs ached... that's about it. Hope y'all are having a great weekend!


  1. hooray for your fridge working! guess i will be taking tissues to harry potter then!

  2. That is just crummy. I hope they catch the thief!

    Fingers crossed that your fridge has many "cool" years ahead of it. :)


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